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2018 Ford GT Sale Spurs Lawsuit In Canada

Ford is suing participants in what it calls a civil conspiracy to improperly acquire a 2018 Ford GT (not pictured). According to Ford, the participants in the conspiracy acquired the 2018 Ford GT, quickly sold it for profit, and only weeks later sold the car again for another profit. Ford says that the defendants flipped the GT and sold it for more than twice the MSRP within a few weeks of buying it in violation of the 24-month prohibition against reselling of the vehicle.


Ford’s terms of not allowing GT buyers to resell their vehicles for 24-months are part of the contract to purchase the vehicle, and Ford has defended that vigorously in court. Professional wrestler and actor John Cena tried to sell his personal Ford GT early, and eventually, he and Ford settled that case out of court. The current lawsuit is in Canada, and named defendants include Timothy Quocksister, president of Silver Arrow Cars in Victoria, B.C.; Bradley Nullmeyer, former CEO of Element Fleet Management Corp. of Toronto; Steven Hudson, former CEO of Element Financial Corp.; and Engineered Automotive.

The case is said to be a complex one with the named defendants denying any wrongdoing while occasionally pointing the finger at each other. The legal case has allegedly generated a large amount of documentation that has been filed with the court clerk. Ford said in the court papers that it learned the GT was being sold in Europe after an undisclosed buyer from Hong Kong purchased the vehicle from an exotic car dealership in Richmond British Columbia called SR Auto Group. The judge overseeing the case issued a temporary injunction in November, blocking the transfer and sale of the car pending trial, which hasn’t been scheduled yet.

What Ford is seeking in the suit is a cancellation of the original sales deal and to block any transfer or resell of the Ford GT. The automaker is also seeking $1 million in damages for misrepresentation and breach of contract along with attorney’s fees. Ford has declined to speak about the case. One of the plaintiffs in the case, Steven Hudson, has said that he was not involved in the initial purchase or any of the subsequent sales transactions. Only eight 2018 GTs were built for Canadian buyers.

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Source: Automotive News Canada

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