2020 Ford GT Liquid Carbon: Live Photo Gallery

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The 2020 Ford GT supercar is getting a few noteworthy updates and changes, one of which is the introduction of the Liquid Carbon package. First announced last week at the 2020 Chicago Auto Show, the 2020 Ford GT Liquid Carbon features fully-exposed carbon fiber body panels completely free of body paint, with a special clearcoat. Our live photo gallery shows the new limited-edition appearance option as it sat in Chicago.

The Liquid Carbon appearance package also features carbon fiber wheels as standard equipment, with owners able to select titanium lugnuts and five caliper colors.

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Inside, the 2020 Ford GT Liquid Carbon features a choice of five interior options and six-point racing harness colors.

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The 2020 Ford GT also gains various mechanical enhancements, starting with more power. Horsepower is now at 660 horsepower, up from 647 for prior model years. There’s also improved cooling and airflow, thanks to new buttress air ducts designed to increase air flow by 50 percent. Larger aircoolers keep charge air temperatures cooler, preserving peak power for the most strenuous, high-temperature sessions at the track.

Meanwhile, suspension damping is increased in track mode to further enhance handling and body control, particularly for the high-speed transient sections of closed-course circuits.

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Rounding out the mechanical updates is a new titanium exhaust from Akrapovič. Included as standard equipment for the 2020 Ford GT, the exhaust provides a nine-pound weight savings over the previous system while delivering a deeply resonant sound from the more powerful 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine.

The Liquid Carbon package joins the updated Gulf Racing Heritage Livery for the 2020 Ford GT. So, for those who have wanted to drive a sinister-looking supercar with panels made entirely of carbon fiber, this is the one to get to apply for. Just don’t crash it, as fixing that carbon fiber could cost a pretty penny or two.

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2020 Ford GT Photos
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