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Fast & Furious Ford Lightning Pickup Nearly Had A Bigger Role: Video

The video below is by the man who created the cars that were used in the Fast & Furious franchise films, his name is Craig Lieberman. He is talking about some of the cars he gets asked about the most on his YouTube channel. One of the vehicles covered is the Lightning that we only see a few times in the very first installment in the franchise. He says that despite the short time on screen, people are fascinated by the Ford Lightning truck.

We saw the Ford Lightning when Brian was delivering parts, once when it drives into the curb at The Racer’s Edge, and one when Brian is pulled over in it while undercover. Lieberman points out that running the truck into the curb was real and not a sound dubbed over after the fact and made all the car folks on set cringe. One cool behind-the-scenes fact that Liberman gives up is that there were four Lightnings on the set. The writers nearly gave the truck a larger part in the movie, but that didn’t happen.

Lieberman says that he has no idea what the larger role in the film the vehicle was considered for was. He also says that while production notes list only two Lightning trucks on the set, he recalls four. They were all brand new, bone stock, and purchased for filming. He has no idea what happened to the trucks after filming wrapped.

He says that he does remember seeing one on eBay a few years later that claimed to be from the film, but he never verified it. He did looks for clues on what happened to the trucks years down the road but found none. The video also talks about the Acura NSX that was driven by Taj in “2 Fast 2 Furious.” It was also supposed to have a larger role in the film but was later replaced by a muscle car. Lieberman says that Universal still owns that car. Check out this slick silver Lightning truck.

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  1. razin

    Put the new Godzilla 7.3L motor and they could sell a ton of these trucks. F150 sales are down and this would be a God send to all of us Lighting fans a great truck that ford must build.


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