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Ford Crash Test Video Shows Why You Buckle Up: Video

Everyone knows when you ride or drive in a vehicle of any kind, you need to buckle up. Accidents are much less likely to kill or injure occupants of the vehicle who are buckled into their seatbelts. This video comes from Ford and shows it testing an early Expedition SUV. While the caption for this crash test video says it’s a 1988 Ford Expedition, that is incorrect.

The Ford Expedition launched in 1997 as a replacement for the retired Ford Bronco and was the first full-size SUV to come in four-door design. We assume whoever uploaded this video meant 1998 Ford Expedition. No matter what year the SUV in this crash test video shows exactly why you should buckle your seatbelt.

The video starts with the Expedition on a sled of some sort that throws it into loose dirt sideways where the full-size SUV immediately begins to roll making four complete revolutions before coming to a stop. The first of the six weighted crash test dummies inside the vehicle is ejected from the passenger side of the vehicle with the first full revolution. The weighted dummy in the third-row seat slides out of the window and is crushed repeatedly by the rolling vehicle.

The dummy in the driver seat is ejected as are other passengers in what appear to be the third-row seats. It’s hard to tell in the slow-motion footage, but it appears only one of the dummies remained in the vehicle. The height the dummies were thrown from the vehicle is incredible and clearly no one could survive an accident like this in the real world. Note that limbs were severed in the accident. Check out a modern Ford Ranger crash test video.

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