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Potential 2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Prototype Spied

Late last year, we reported that the Ford Mustang Bullitt will be going away after the 2020 model year and that its indirect replacement, the Mustang Mach 1 – will arrive for the 2021 model year as a special-edition, throw-back model. And we could have just spied a prototype for that upcoming Mustang Mach 1.

The prototype in question is wearing some camouflage at the front and rear ends. It also seems to  be wearing the Dark Highland Green color, a signature of the current Mustang Bullitt. Given the presence of the camouflage, it would appear that the production model will feature unique front and rear fascias.

The design of the front fascia, in particular, seems to be considerably different than what’s available across the current Mustang line. Meanwhile, the bright multi-spoke wheels appear more in line with what we’d see on the Mustang Pony Package. That said, the bright window trim surround matches up exactly to what the current Bullitt offers, as do the bright red brake calipers hiding behind those shiny wheels.

Not much is currently known about the Mustang Mach 1. What we do know is that it will launch for the 2021 model year and that it will have a few performance enhancements over the regular Mustang GT on which it will be based, including more power. The introduction of the Mach 1 for the 2021 model year will mark the first time that the Mach 1 name will have graced a Mustang since 2004.

Another possibility is that the Ford Mustang prototype we’re looking at here is no Mach 1 at all, and that it’s a test bed for another package or model that we have not yet heard of. If that’s the case, we’ll be sure to update you right here, so be sure subscribe to Ford Authority for more Mustang news as well as around-the-clock Ford news coverage.

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  1. trailhiker

    Using a Bullitt as a mule would indicte they are using the same enhanced 5.0 V8.
    It looks like it will have a few changes, yet be mostly similar to the Bullitt. I doubt Dark Highland Green will be offered though.

  2. Ford Fan

    this looks like a v6🤬

  3. vbondjr

    Hopefully, when the new S650 Mustang comes out on the CD6 chassis, Ford will go back to offering a V6 Mustang (or two) between the Ecoboost and the 5.0L V8. With the upcoming mach 1 rumored to push 500hp, it can be assumed if the next gen mustang uses a 5.0L v8, it will be somewhere around the 500hp in the GT Trim package, leaving a huge gap between the 330hp 2.3L Ecoboost and the V8. Ford has two ecoboost engines that would slot perfectly in this category, the 400hp 3.0L Ecoboost V6, and the 450hp 3.5L Ecoboost V6. This puts roughly 50hp between each package (70hp from the 2.3L to the 3.0L but Ford could easily step the power back up to 350hp/350 just like the Focus RS had. Speaking of that, The 2.3L would retain the ecoboost name while the 3.0L would wear the ST badge and the 3.5L would wear the RS badge. This actually could split the mustang right down the middle with affordable street-performance ecoboost powered cars and ultra high performance V8 models. The RS would had a 10-speed transmission with an optional 7-speed DCT unit, AWD, Torque vectoring differentials, Brembo brakes, magnetic ride, staggered 19″ wheels and tires, upgraded aero enhancements such as side splitters, under body pannels, front chin spoiler, rear diffuser, rear spoiler with gurney flap, and an RS heat extractor hood along with RS badging. Inside, Ford needs to use the same Recaro seats that it had in the Focus RS & ST on the Mustang RS & ST, honestly, an alcantara trim version of the Focus RS steering wheel wouldn’t be a bad idea either. A digital instrument cluster, 10.5″ vertical digital infotainment screen, B&O stereo system heated and cooled seats and steering wheel should all come standard. The ST should receive some of this but in rear wheel drive, 19″ standard wheels all around, 10-speed auto/6-speed manual, improved aerodynamics, and an ST specific interior. Also, seeing that the Mustang is growing in side to roughly the size of a BMW M850i, (and the fact that we live in a world where an electric SUV mustang exist unfortunately) a four-door variant should be offered as well in the likes of the Aston Martin Rapide S or the BMW M8 gran coupe. Seeing that Ford killed the Australian Falcon, something needs to take its place. That and an Explorer RS would seriously add excitement to Ford’s global lineup.


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