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Steeda Compares A 2020 GT500 To A 2019 Shelby GT350R At An Autocross: Video

Any car guy or gal who has spent time on a road racing track for a track day knows that in general, the car with higher horsepower wins out if the driver is equal. The same can’t be said for an autocross event where cars with high horsepower sometimes have more trouble than cars with less power negotiating the tight course. Steeda took a 2020 Shelby GT500 and a 2019 Shelby GT350R to an autocross in Georgia.

The event was held at South Georgia Motorsports Park with the Dixie Region SCCA. Steeda wanted to see if the Shelby GT500 could beat out the 2019 Shelby GT350R on the tight confines of an autocross course where horsepower matters less. The Shelby GT500 has vastly more power with 760 horsepower compared to the 2019 Shelby GT350R power rating of 526 horsepower.

Both cars are excellent at handling, and we are rather excited to see how both fair on the tight autocross course that neither was specifically designed for. For those wondering, the GT500 did have the Carbon Fiber Track Pack. This does seem to be one of the faster autocross courses we’ve seen. Both cars certainly appear to be well driven in the video, and both cars were run with a passenger inside.

Both cars were able to perform multiple runs during the event, and it appears that the GT350R had a much easier time putting its 526 horsepower to the ground than the GT500. The best runs for both vehicles were extremely close, with the GT500 putting down a time of 50.3 seconds and the GT350R putting down a time of 49.8 seconds. Watch a kid crash his dad’s GT350R into the garage.

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