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Study Claims Electric Cars Impact The Owner’s Love Life

Car guys and gals know how it is. Often, it’s not the people who make an impression that we remember, it’s the car they drive. We’ve all been there, someone asks you if you know someone and the name doesn’t ring a bell, but when you find out what they drive, you remember the person. We want to think only the most superficial people would date someone based solely on what they drive. A new study has gone around that claims an electric car could help your love life.

The study, which is attributed to Ford, claims that showing up for a date in an electric car could have an impact on a romantic relationship. According to the study, three out of four people would be more likely to date someone if the potential date owned an electric car. We wonder if this would hold true if someone pulled up in a Nissan Leaf rather than a Tesla Model 3.


The study says that car buyers who choose electric cars are seen as “smart” and “conscientious,” which are traits people want in a potential partner. The study also claims that two out of three people would pick an electric vehicle to make a good first impression. We think most people are oblivious to cars other than a few popular models. Outside of someone pulling up in a Tesla, we doubt the majority of people would know a car was electric or not.

Ford has several electric cars coming to the market, including the Mustang Mach-E. Some new details on the coming Mach-E recently revealed in an interview with Ford’s Jason Mase. In that interview, he said that Europe would get the Mach-E first. He also noted that all 50 states would see deliveries of the new Mustang electric vehicle.

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Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. Raymond Ramirez

    Add those who buy American hybrids to that study as “smart” and “conscientious,” too, because many buyers need a hybrid for more long distance driving or lack of availability of electrics. Where I live, the only electric sold here is the Chevy Bolt EV, so I bought a 2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid instead. And in five years of ownership, I spend less than $400 in gasoline a year, only had four oil and filter changes one a year, and the only part ever needing servicing is that oil filter. Everything else is still factory original, even the four Goodyear tires.

    My friends like the Fusion because of its Aston Martin styling, but it is very comfortable to drive, accelerates well, and I get up to 54 MPG with a monthly average about 42 MPG. The Chevy Volt was also available, but it is a compact versus the midsized Fusion. My next vehicle could be the Mustang Mach-E.

    1. trailhiker

      I have a couple friends with Fusion Hybrids, and they love them. I have a non-hybrid, and it is a great car. It still looks stylish 7 years later!
      I would consider a Hybrid for my next purchase.
      I would not consider a full electric becasue of my parking condition at home and at work.

  2. Joe Cool

    I drive a 2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid and love it too. Didn’t get it for any other reason that I like the CVT (yeah I know, I’m among a few) and the idea of 35+ mpg. Well, they also have me a steal of a lease deal on it because it was their courtesy car. But still, among it’s class it is a really great value. I like the new Mustang Mach-E a lot. I hope when my current lease is up they will be available with a reasonable monthly rate. Funny thing is, I love Honda and have been a loyal Honda buyer until the last 2 cars. A Camaro SS and now the Fusion. If I can’t get the Mach-E I may have to with an Accord again. I just don’t see any other cars coming that are in my price range that will keep me away from the Accord except the Mach-E. Ok, part of me wants it because it is cool, I admit it. And I know others will think I’m cool too.


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