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Sweet Shelby Super Snake Widebody Renderings Look Fantastic

We love to see renderings of cars that have never been seen in the real world. We’ve seen more than a few recently that we would love to see get built. A case in point is the new set of renderings that were created by HugoSila Designs. The renderings are of a highly custom Shelby Super Snake Mustang.

The hallmark of the Shelby Super Snake renderings is the widebody style of the car with bulging fenders that extend over the massive wheels. We barely see the tires on the massive wheels, but some people like that style. The grille on the front reminds us more than a little of the RTR grille.

The hood is a traditional Shelby Super Snake design with dual intakes low on the front edge of the grille and what appear to be exhaust vents up high. A massive splitter upfront sits so low to the ground it would never survive being driven on the streets. The back of the bulging front fenders has vents as do the top edges to let air trapped in the wheel wells out.

Around the back of the well-rendered machine is a spoiler with uprights that come out of the taillight area and support a massive wing up high to grab clean air. It does appear that the car has a Shelby spoiler on the decklid as well. Overall, the car is beautifully rendered. We saw a very cool set of renderings last month that combined a Ferrari with a Fox-body Mustang, and it looked surprisingly factory made.

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  1. william goszinski

    If I want a 370Z I’ll go and buy one!

  2. nauticalone

    For a cartoon yes! For a real car….no!


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