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The First Mustang Mach-E Has Been Completed In Mexico

One of the most loved and hated products the Ford has made is the Ford Mustang Mach-E. People like that the car is stylish and has a decent driving range without being insanely expensive. What a lot of people don’t like is that the Mustang Mach-E wears the Mustang name at all. The car is being produced at the Cuautitlan Stamping and Assembly Plant in Mexico.

Recently, some images turned up on the Facebook site for the stamping plant showing a silver Mustang Mach-E First Edition that is presumably a preproduction or early production model. There is no description with any of the images to let us know exactly what the deal with the car is. We only know what we see, which is a silver car with some other images clearly showing the First Edition logos on the door scuff plates.

The Ford Mustang Mach-E sits inside a roped-off area, and several employees posed for photographs with the car. It’s nice to see some images of the car without camouflage in the real world that aren’t Ford press images that are overly staged. The silver Mach-E looks very nice in the color.

The First Edition is all sold out and can’t be reserved at this time. Ford has said if First Edition Mach-Es that are reserved aren’t sold, they will be sold to other buyers. The silver color of the First Edition in the images isn’t the most popular. The most popular hue is Carbonized Gray with Grabber Blue in second and Rapid Red in third. Ford also said that most who reserve the Mach-E are choosing the extended range battery, and more than half have reserved the all-wheel-drive version.

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Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. Jesse E

    Hell No!!!! A Mustang SUV??? An electric one as well??? Ford should be ashamed!!! As a proud owner of a 2015 Real Mustang GT, 50th anniversary edition,not an electric want to be,and a 2017 Shelby Super Snake 50th Shelby Anniversary edition, it pains me terribly to see Ford disgrace such a muscle car,and tradition, with this want to be Mustang SUV!!! And call it a Mustang????OMG!!! I guess I will switch brands and start buying Corvette’s as they remain True to a classic and a legendary model!!!! Ford is a Sellout!!!! And to hell with all the Tree huggers!!!! Bet you won’t see any electric Corvette Posers in the near future,or any Corvette SUV’s!!! That is terrible car!!!! To quote the late,great Ken Miles!!!!

    1. GaryB

      cant recycle lithium batteries, a toxic and explosive substance. These batteries are hundreds of pounds right? Sort of reminds me of when mercury lead and asbestos were widely used. these batteries will become the new non-renewable pollutant eventually. Causing garbage dump fires, increased rare earth materials mining, etc. Better for the air, just as bad for the earth. Pretty sure tree huggers would prefer a car run off of fart fumes than another material pulled from the ground.

      1. Raymond Ramirez

        Lithium is recyclable, and it is easier to do than with lead. You must read more about lithium-ion cells and get better informed. Besides, there are more lithium-ion cells in all the smartphones, laptops, tablets, and wireless devices than in all the EVs ever made. Do you recycle your obsolete or damages electronics? If you don’t then you are the “pollutant”!

        1. GaryB

          Here ya go bud.
          Recycling lithium is 5x more expensive that mining it fresh. Lithium batteries also contain high grade copper, aluminum, cobalt, nickel, and rare earths. Environmentalists already complain about mining coal and fracking for natural gas.
          Companies already cant be bothered to stop dumping toxic waste into rivers, what makes you think they are going to recycle the batteries for the sake of the environment? Very very very few companies actually recycle lithium batteries.
          the only damaged electronics i have had over the past decade or so is one tv remote control and a $9 angle grinder from harbor freight that never worked. Still use the same phone i had when i got my BA. still have my original atari, nintendos, gameboy, ps1 & 2, xbox’s etc.
          EV batteries weigh 850 – 1,200 lbs and last about 8 years. If 200 million people drove electric cars, you’ve gotta find a way to recycle/dispose of and replace 170 – 240 billion pounds of EV batteries. Thats up to 15 million tons a year.

          1. DennisC

            I tend to agree with you Gary on the substance but I would hope that a solution is invented in the great USA for the lithium disposal challenge long before we get to the tonnage you cite. By the way, Parmesan cheese comes from Italy, not France. The real stuff is only produced in the provinces of Parma, Reggio Emilia & Modena, Italy. It’s amazing to see the production plants in person. There is some that comes from Bologna as well. Other countries produce knock offs. And if you want Reggiano Parmesan it must be first inspected & certified by the Italian government to use the name.

            1. GaryB

              I should have paid better attention to geography back in middle school. Same thing for american cheese. But you wont find “american cheese” anywhere anymore. It’ll say “sliced american” ,”american deli”, or “american singles”. Its not allowed to have “cheese” in the name if it isn’t cheese. Some places, you can still find “american cheese”, but its rare. Usually the Amish or menanites have it, but i think they had to change its name from “american cheese” to “amish butter cheese”

    2. Roy Chiles

      The world is changing Do you have to get change a chance I’ll get left behind this want to be mustang SUV faster to 0 to 60 than the SRT jeep. I remember when Jaguar said they wouldn’t have a dealer SUV and today Lamborghini has one. Ford is growing the Mustang Brand Coupe, Convertible, SUV & maybe Sedan. You can sell all your mustangs & buy all the Corvette you like, Am keeping my 04 Mystic Cobra, 13 BOSS, 02 F-150, Lightning & adding a 2020 Shelby GT500 as long as Ford build the Mustang we all know & Love they can add the name to anything they want as long as it live up to the Pony Car. Hell as well as it’s kept Chevy is thinking about a Corvette SUV, the world s changing it’s not 1964 anymore

  2. Jeff D

    MADE IN MEXICO! Come on Ford, if the Mach-E is supposed to compete with the Tesla Model Y it should be made in the USA. The Model Y is at least made in this country, that’s important for many buyers.

  3. Eddie

    Agree With Jeff D. If Its Not Built in the USA I Wont Buy it. That Why I Never Owned a Fusion
    I Own A 2017 Escape SE & 2009 F-150

  4. chris

    I have owned Fords for 30 years, currently 2017 F150, 2 x 2015 Focus( kids) and 2010 Mustang Convertible. My next car will be electric, I want a Mach-E but not if its not made in America. I will be buying a Tesla Y made in America. Ford what the Hell?


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