This Ford Bronco Tiny Home Has A Toilet In The Front Seat: Video

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A woman going by the name Unstoppable Morgan on YouTube has made a video showing off a tiny home she built using an old full-sized Ford Bronco. Some might call it an overland rig or a camper, but it’s all the same. She says that every bit of the work you see on the Bronco she did herself and it even has a desktop computer where the passenger seat used to be.

Her tiny home is set up for a single person to live in, though she does share it with a wiener dog. The floors are covered in hardwood. She has a removable table that can be put in the front next to the driver or on the tailgate in the back when cooking on the outdoor kitchen. It has a small bed that appears to be somewhere between a twin and full-size that unfolds across the back of the Bronco.

She does have a cabinet built-in that includes a sink that does drain, which she says she never uses except for a trashcan. In describing her living accommodations, it sounds like she wishes she had more storage but may not use a lot of the stuff she keeps in the vehicle. There are multiple slide-out areas where she can work, and we’d assume she uses her laptop for entertainment and watching movies.

Morgan does say that she likes the gap between the bed and the storage containers as it allows her to have a place to put her feet, so she doesn’t get dirt in the bed. One of the strangest things about the entire vehicle is that the front seat has been hollowed out, and underneath the cushion is a toilet where she pees. We assume she doesn’t take care of her other business in the Bronco. She does say that the smell is overwhelming at times, which would make sense. We can’t help but wonder how comfortable it is to drive on top of the toilet all day long. The entire Bronco tiny home is very cool, check out the video to learn all about it. Our favorite camper is the Ford F-350 with the log cabin in the back.

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Written by Shane McGlaun

Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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