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Truck Driver Has Run-In With Raw Four-Door 2021 Ford Bronco Shell

Ford fans all around the world are excited about the brand-new Ford Bronco and are looking for any information they can find on the vehicle. Over on the Bronco6G forums is a person who goes by the name Sunny Joe and claims to be a truck driver. According to Joe, he was working when he pulled up to a loading dock and on the dock sat an actual four-door 2021 Ford Bronco raw, unpainted body shell without any “add-ons” whatsoever. He has shared a few things he remembered about the vehicle and notes that the observations are for the four-door version only.

Joe says that the body shell was similar in size and width to the current 2020 Ford Ranger, which makes sense. He says that the four-door Bronco was longer than he expected and that he had poked his head in the passenger side window, and the vehicle seemed “fairly roomy.” He noted that the mirrors would definitely be mounted in front of the windshield as there was a square hole located where the antenna would be on the 2019 Ford F-150 that he owns.

Joe also noted that the windshield is the most vertical part of the vehicle and that the hood is long, wide, and flat. That very flat hood is something the original Bronco featured. He also says that the “hood side flares” could be seen from the front of the vehicle, noting that they were pronounced and played a big part in the styling. The rear window/tailgate window pillar isn’t vertical, he says it has a slight lean to it giving it a slight fastback style.

The greenhouse window height is similar in relation overall to a four-door Jeep Wrangler. Noting that the body shell he saw had no front or rear fascia, pacing the length of the vehicle off came out to almost exactly 16 feet with Joe noting that his 2019 F-150 regular cab, short bed is about 17.5 feet in length. With the front and rear bumpers and spare tire added the four-door Bronco is going to be about the same length making it a large vehicle.

Sadly, Joe didn’t remember if the roof appeared to be removable noting that he was in the presence of shipping staff at what he describes as a “world headquarters for a large automotive supplier that plays a major role in the final appearance of the vehicle,” and was unable to take a picture. We aren’t sure what Joe saw, but rumors suggest the 2021 Ford Bronco will be unveiled next month, and we are ready.

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Source: Bronco6G

Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. trailhiker

    I’m thinking the 4-door will be much more expensive than the 2-door.
    I’d expect 2-door base close to $30K, but 4-door about $37K.
    Still a bargain when you look at the cost of the Escape & Edge and thier competition.

  2. GaryB

    (crosses fingers, closes eyes, kneels down, faces up) “Manual V8, Manual V8, Manual V8”

    1. Stalkbroker94

      Millennial Motorhead here. Not trying to be rude, but rather trying to understand; while I know there is going to be a manual option, why is it so desirable? A lot of the advantages that manuals have over an automatic are no longer the case. Is it just nostalgia?

      1. GaryB

        No. Nostalgia has nothing to do with it. There are several reasons i prefer manual transmissions. NUMERO UNO – Its funner. Once i learned to drive stick, it was so much funner than an auto. If i wanted to be a dick and red line it in first gear i could. If im on the highway and finally can pass some slow bum, i can drop gear and burn past them.
        NUMERO DOS – manual transmission is lighter, simpler and cheap to work on, and doesn’t take up as much space under the car than an auto. When it comes to working on your own cars either from trying to save a buck or for the love of turning wrenches, manual transmissions are your best friend. NUMERO TRES – way better fuel mileage. THere was a 8 mile long downhill highway that threaded 5,000 ft in elevation from my dad’s to my house. I would just slip that sucker in neutral and coast all the way down. When i dont need to race around anywhere, i can skip the low gears and keep my rpms very very low, consuming very little fuel. Manual transmission cars are fun to operate, and make the driving experience much more variable and engaging. A stick in the hand keeps a phone out of it. I would prefer if fewer people were so bored and unhindered while driving that they felt they could just stare at their phone screen

    2. John Q Public

      Better start shopping for a crate motor and gearbox.

      1. GaryB

        whose got that sort of money

  3. Bob

    Wish all you want, but a V8 will not be an option.

    1. GaryB

      I hope manual still would be

  4. Chris Hurley

    Anything’s Possible 😉


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