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Wild 1932 Ford Custom Has A Twin-Turbo Ferrari V8

We’ve seen some crazy custom Ford cars and trucks over the years that have engines that didn’t come from the Blue Oval. One notable custom Ford was the 1968 Ford Mustang that had an engine from a Ferrari under the hood. This 1932 Ford Custom appears to have taken a page out of the book that Mustang wrote, and it’s for sale for $250,000.

This 1932 Ford Chassis has been boxed and has stainless inserts along with independent rear suspension. The car has 15-inch disc brakes and four-piston calipers along with front drop axles with disc brakes hidden behind aluminum drum brakes. Those brakes are a big deal because this car has done away with the Ford V-8 you might expect and, in its place, sets a 1989 3.0-liter Ferrari V-8 engine that spins at 8500 RPM.

The Ferrari V-8 engine also has a pair of Turbonetics turbochargers attached to custom headers made by Alan Lee and Cone Engineering. The seller says the engine makes about 950 horsepower. All that power goes to the road through a six-speed Tremec manual transmission with a race clutch installed. We love the matte red finish and the Ferrari logos on each fender of the Ford.

The chassis looks very cool with the circular openings, and at all four corners are racing slicks. The pair of turbos each live right above the headlights of the car. There are no images of the interior of this sick custom ride, but we hope it’s as clean and attractive as everything else. While the chassis is an actual 1932 Ford chassis, the body is a fiberglass reproduction. The suspension consists of race shocks all around, and a full roll cage is integrated along with bucket seats that feature five-point harnesses. The car looks like it would be a wild ride down at the track, and it probably sounds like a beast.

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Source: Classiccars

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  1. James2

    A Ferrari lawyer will be calling in 3… 2… 1…

  2. Hermie

    No drive shaft. No steering column. It’s just eye candy. No interior pics because no interior?

  3. Razin Hell

    Fenders? You must be blind or your heads some where else. Nice car any way, to rich for my blood.


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