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2020 Ford Explorer Sales Back On Track Says Executive

2021 Ford Explorer
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Ford has been under considerable pressure since the launch of the 2020 Ford Explorer was botched so badly. The SUV had major issues with quality in its early days of production that saw it have to be shipped from its manufacturing facility to the Flat Rock facility for repairs before being sent to dealers. Some of the SUVs that were shipped to dealers still had problems causing a high-profile mess for the automaker with one of its key models. Those problems are behind the automaker now, according to Mark LaNeve, Ford VP of U.S. Marketing, Sales, and Service.

LaNeve says that production and sales of the popular SUV are “on track” and improving. He said that February retail sales for the SUV were the best month for the vehicle since 2005 and that the Blue Oval has regained its retail market share of 17 to 18 percent of the midsize SUV segment. LaNeve admits there were delays in the launch, but he says the product now looks like a “winner,” and Ford is optimistic about the remainder of the year.

The challenge Ford faced for the complete redesign of one of its best-selling vehicles is the Chicago Assembly Plant was changed over with all new manufacturing equipment in 30 days. The challenge of doing that and keeping quality high proved to be too much for Ford. CEO Jim Hackett had said that the botched launch was a “company issue,” and reports indicate that the botched launch is what ultimately cost Joe Hinrichs his job as COO.

Hackett is under considerable pressure after the botched launch and amid Ford’s declining stock price. The other high profile launches this year for the Mach-E EV and Bronco must come off perfectly for the automaker, or the stock price could fall even further. Ford has some good news with the 2020 Ford Explorer with the average price that consumers are paying for the SUV up to $39,200, a gain of $2,400 from the previous year and higher than the segment average. Still, some analysts say that the consumers Ford lost to other vehicles like the Hyundai Palisade and Kia Telluride may never come back. The Explorer went from the top seller in the segment to number four last year.

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Source: CNBC

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Written by Shane McGlaun

Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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    • Yeah, I’d probably say the same thing if my vehicle’s V6 or V8 made less power and got worse fuel economy than that “noisy” inline-4 that I’ve also never driven, but will criticize nonetheless.

  1. Add 30% to your sticker prices and that’s what we are paying here in Canada. A new navigator is well over a $100,000 and is not even a “Black Label” model.

  2. In order for me to get what I had in my 2010 Explorer a 2020 was going to cost me 16k more than what the 2010 did! I know there is a bit of a time gap but my income hasn’t risen in step so Ford has basically kicked me out of the SUV!!

    • No, that was inflation. Use an online inflation calculator, put in how much you paid for your Explorer in 2010, find a similarly spec’d 2020 Explorer (the base engine will exceed the output of whatever you had, so you don’t have to spec a V6 2020 Explorer) and I guarantee you’ll see that you’re getting far more features and you’re probably paying well within the margin of error. I made the same mistake when I was looking at my base 2006 Escape and a base 2020 Escape.

  3. The Explorer is the flagship of the mid size SUV models, adding the return to RWD to the Explorer was huge news. There’s no excuse for the mess up made with Explorer it should have been JOB 1 Jim Hackett gets paid too much money for the Explorer, Aviator, Bronco, Mustang Mach -E or Continental to Fail. All these models have iconic winning name tide to them Failures Not A Options

  4. Sorry should have been more specific. My 2002 Explorer cost me $54,000 including financing and taxes with a tried and true V8 that pulled 7000lbs. My 2010 Explorer cost me $52,000 (there were 3,000 in rebates) including financing and taxes and it too had the V8 that pulled 7,000 lbs. Both of these vehicles passed the 250,000 mile mark and neither burned oil. Both were ordered as I needed with leather seats and a class three hitch and the most powerful engine available. For the new vehicle I was not offered the option of being able to order a vehicle with the most powerful engine, a class three hitch and leather seats, unless I took the ST which where I live started at $66,000.00 + financing + taxes. Now you say we we got much more. This is true but, I didn’t ask for more and I am also being asked to rely on unproven technology like electric steering boxes that cost $2600 not including labour! They allow you to option an F150 six ways to Sunday they need to do the same with the Explorer!!

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