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2020 GT500 vs C8 Corvette At The Drag Strip In The Real World: Video

The Mustang driver known as StangMode has taken delivery of his beautiful 2020 GT500 in Grabber Lime with black stripes. The car doesn’t have the stupidly expensive carbon fiber track pack, which we have seen marked up to nearly $190,000. When StangMode headed out to the dragstrip to make some runs in his car with a full tank of gas and full weight, a brand-new mid-engine C8 Corvette happened to be at the track.

The owner of the Corvette and the 2020 GT500 decided to give it a go down the quarter-mile to see which was fastest. This is believed to be the very first video of a 2020 GT500 squaring off against a C8 Corvette in the real world. The driver behind the wheel of Corvette climbs out and says that he works for East Coast Supercharging and that the car will be a development vehicle for the company.

The video gives us a nice glimpse inside the Corvette, and the driver talks a little bit about the track mode setting that the car offers. The Corvette certainly looks good in person and has a black and red interior that looks fantastic. The first race between the two vehicles shows the Vette skip a burnout while the GT500 does a big one. The cars line up, and the Mustang has a great reaction time, but the Vette just stays still at the line and doesn’t move.

The GT500 runs the quarter-mile in 10.77 at 132.52 mph. That is very fast for a full weight car. The Vette driver says that launch control didn’t work because he didn’t push the brake pedal enough. The second race, the two line up again to see how it goes. The GT500 leaves first and runs a slower 10.8 at 132 mph with the Vette running an 11.56 at 120 mph. The Mustang pulls on the C8 the entire time. The last race went down much the same way. The GT500 launched faster and harder, pulling the C8 Corvette the whole time. The GT500 went 10.751 at 132 mph with the Vette going 11.689 at 119.71.

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Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. Stalkbroker94

    That Corvette sure wasn’t slow. But it just wasn’t fast enough.

  2. Ralph

    A Z06 or ZR1 would be more fair.

    1. Hemi300C

      Where do I find a Z06 or ZR1 in a C8. I can’t find a regular Stingray available on dealer lots around the DC area. Now with plants shut down. I’m guessing C8 orders will be delayed even longer. It’s a nice car, but I wish Motor Trend could explain how this car that is extremely limited for sale, with most testing completed were with test mules was named the “famed” *Motor Trend Car of the Year*. Maybe next year, but I don’t think it deserves this award for 2020. If you have a pending order. I would check with the dealer about pushing my order to a 2021 model unless GM increases pricing. At the rate of production. Why take a depreciate hit since GM announced the 2021 C8 will start production late summer. Speaking of Motor Trend’s award. What other cars were considered? I can’t find a list of contenders. Was the Shelby GT500, or the new Porsche 911 in the running? Has the car if the year award become political with MT and Road Track Manufacturers advertising budgets spent with these aforementioned magazines contributing to their winner. I guess everything has a price.


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