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2020 Hennessey GT500 Venom 1000 Hits The Dyno: Video

Not long ago, we saw the guys at Hennessey strap a stock 2020 GT500 to the dyno to see what kind of power the car made. The dyno results showed 708.5 horsepower to the wheels along with 589.5 pound-feet of torque. That baseline run was so Hennessey could show what they could do to the car after some modifications were completed.

Modifications have now been completed and the 2020 GT500 we saw on that baseline run is now in 2020 Hennessey GT500 Venom 1000 form. The dyno run for the car in Venom 1000 form showed 833.4 horsepower and 666.7 pound-feet of torque the wheels. That’s a gain of over 100 horsepower after the Hennessey crew worked its magic on the vehicle.

The 2020 Hennessey GT500 Venom 1000 modifications include a supercharger upper pulley upgrade, upgraded fuel injectors, professional installation, and dyno tuning before and after the modifications are added. Other features for the package include Hennessey embroidered headrests, Hennessey and Venom 1000 exterior badges, serialized dash plaque and engine plaque.

Hennessey also tests the vehicle for up to 200 miles to be sure the tune is correct. The modifications are also covered by a three year/36,000 mile limited warranty. As is typical for Hennessey, it offers no indication of cost for its upgrade package, but you can bet it’s not cheap. Even a stock 2020 GT500 is an impressive machine able to run the quarter-mile in the 10-second range and able to run with some of the best cars on a road course. The only thing to dislike about the 2020 GT500 is the high price, which is made even higher by insane dealer markups.

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