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Fleet Complete Software Now Integrates With Ford Data Services For Telematics

Fleet Complete’s integration with Ford vehicles aims to make telematics services readily available to more fleet owners. The turn-key solution allows customers to streamline the purchasing experience by eliminating any need for additional hardware purchases. Fleet Complete is now an authorized Ford Data Services provider, and all model year 2020 Ford vehicles equipped with telematics-ready hardware will have access to the Fleet Complete platform.

Fleet Complete says that integration comes without additional hardware and associated costs. Ford Data Services allows for connectivity between the integrated highly secure hardware and Fleet Complete’s telematics software to help fleet customers collect accurate vehicle data and identify cost reduction opportunities. The software also aims to increase safety and improve operations.

Data collected by the service is sent to the software including vehicle productivity and health, location data, route optimization, fuel economy, and maintenance needs. Information on key fleet metrics is vital to businesses to establish better safety programs and save money. The new solution benefits current and new customers because when choosing new Ford vehicles that have telematics-ready hardware inside, the vehicle is ready to go with the new platform.

Director of marketing for Ford Commercial Solutions, Michelle Moody, says that the automaker is pleased to welcome Fleet Complete as an authorized Ford Data Services provider. This type of software helps the fleet managers keep an eye on vehicles and can help catch employees who aren’t where they’re supposed to be, or doing what they’re supposed to do. It’s not mentioned how much the service costs per month, but Fleet Complete says that it services about 600,000 subscribers and over 40,000 businesses in North America.

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Source: Yahoo

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