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Ford Courier Small Pickup Reportedly Shown To Dealers


Ford fans often lament the fact that the automaker did away with all of its cars in North America except the Mustang. Ford’s stance at the time was that consumers wanted to buy pickups and SUVs, so it stopped selling cars. The catch is that many shoppers are going to other brands for cheaper vehicles instead of buying SUVs. That may stop for pickup fans with the automaker reportedly showing dealers the long-rumored Ford Courier pickup that’s intended to sit underneath the Ranger in the Ford lineup.


The latest rumor claims that Ford has shown dealers the Courier pickup behind closed doors and told them the truck would start at under $20,000. Ford is in dire need of cheap vehicles in that price range, and a small and moderately capable truck would likely win some buyers from affordable SUVs offered by other brands. Some interesting details of the Ford Courier pickup have surfaced from that meeting.

The pickup seen at the meeting is claimed to have flat sides reminiscent of the original Ford Ranger released in 1983. That was a very square and boxy pickup that many still love the looks of today. The dealers also noted that the boxy truck had an emphasis on function rather than form. We have seen Ford Courier test mules running around wearing heavy camo, and it’s been clear that the vehicle had four doors and a longer bed.

It’s unclear at this time if the Courier will be offered in other trims or if Ford will stick with one to keep costs down. Some pickup fans won’t like that the standard version is expected to be a front-wheel-drive vehicle with all-wheel drive as an option. Also detailed from the meeting Ford had with dealers is that the pickup will be manufactured at the Hermosillo, Mexico factory that is currently producing the Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ, both of which are being discontinued this year.

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Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. Bilz493

    Hopefully a regular cab is available.

  2. fpvfan

    Way to take something simple and complicate it Ford. Anyone here ever heard of the Ford Falcon? The Falcon (both the US one an the Aussie one, especially the Aussie one) is probably the best vehicle Ford has ever build. The Falcon is the car that actually gave birth to the Ford Mustang, but it was so much more than that. In the US in the 60’s the Falcon came in a coupe, sedan, wagon and even pickup version, in Australia from the 60’s up until a few years ago, the Falcon was the baddest Ford vehicle to ever hit the scene. In Australia, the Falcon was more like the American Torino but just more awesome and it lived all the way up till a few years ago as a muscle sedan and a Ute (utility vehicle). It had a bed but it could also have a flat tray like a tow truck or a utility truck, which is what it was in Australia along with being a performance vehicle. The Australian Falcon was offered with a variety of performance packages along with the regular pedestrian commuter variants as well and was probably the best sedan Ford has ever built.

    Now, let’s fast forward a bit to current day Ford. Ford just killed all of it’s cars, except the mustang, and the Mustang is having a bit of an identity crisis as it is now not only a coupe, but an Electric SUV thing. We also hear that the Mustang is growing in size this next go round and will be about the size of a Challenger which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but not exactly mustang either. We also hear that the Mustang is moving to the CD6 chassis, which I can tell you from first hand experience is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING as I’ve been privileged to drive the Ford Explorer ST for an afternoon on a combination of highway and back roads, just a few months ago. We all also know that the days of the V8 are numbered. With all of this happening, why not bring out a global Ford Falcon family of vehicles on the CD6 platform, with a Coupe, sedan, and UTE and let the Mustang continue on as the Mach E, since Ford has already put this vehicle into motion and changed the direction of the Mustang forever. Seeing that we already know alot of the current S550 Mustang parts will work on the CD6 platform along with the 10-speed auto and 10-speed hybrid powertrain along with Ecoboost engines, This makes the perfect platform for a new generation of Falcon and the next Generation of Ecoboost performance. Ford has already shown that the 3.5L Ecoboost is a true performance engine ranging from 385hp all the way up to 660hp/550tq and it keeps getting better. The 3.0L Ecoboost V6 is no slouch either in it’s 400hp/415tq all gasoline trim or it’s 494hp/630tq hybrid trim and the 2.7L is a tried and tested performer with very few issues. Even the small 2.3L Ecoboost 4-cylinder can handle 350hp/350 in stock performance trim and it has been proven that the boost can be turned up even higher. Ford could power everything in it’s lineup (minus super duty trucks) with just these four engines and with the 10-speed auto, 10-speed hybrid auto, 7-speed DCT and 7-speed manual, Ford has four great transmission options to offer, all of which can work with the CD6 platform. Not only that, I’m sure that Ford Performance, Mountune, Roush and Steeda would easily come out with factory optioned performance upgrades that would make these cars even better. Also, think about the special edition cars such as a Mad Max edition Falcon. I mean come on, how many Dark Highland Green Bullitt Mustangs are we going to get. I mean for crying out loud we couldn’t get an Eleanor Edition GT500 or even an Eleanor edition Mach 1 ( as the original Eleanor Mustang was a yellow Mach 1), I think a blacked out 660hp 3.5L Ecoboost special edition Falcon coupe/sedan would be much cooler that a subdued green Bullitt any day. What would also be nice would be for Ford to take the Barra 325T 4.0L Twin Turbo I-6 engine, stuff the Tech from the Ecoboost GT project in it and make a 730hp 4.0L I-6 Ecoboost twin turbo and drop that into the top Performance Falcon and have it walk all over the GT500.

    To me, if Ford were smart, Ford would focus on the modular CD6 and T6 truck platform. Along with the Falcon, the Explorer could be shown some more love as well with not only an RS variant and a GT Hybrid variant but a Vingale variant as well (along with a Vingale hybrid variant of the Falcon) Ford could easily get rid of Lincoln if they brought the Vingale line to the states (and globally) and it would save Ford a ton of money by doing so. Offering Lincoln levels of luxury and refinement in a Ford vehicle saves Ford from just re-skinning and renaming their vehicles and slapping Lincoln badges on them. Simply take the black label wheels, and interiors and Lincoln suspension on a Vignale package ford, offer chrome trim and added sound insulation and things like that and call it a day. Works well in Europe, why not globally? Lincoln is only sold in the US and it isn’t doing all that great. Offer the Vingale package on the Falcon, the Explorer, the Mach-E, the Expedition and the F150 and nobody will miss the Lincoln brand at all. As far as the T6 platform goes, the Bronco is supposed to sit between the Explorer and Expedition, but the Bronco is geared to being more of an “off road” vehicle, with on road manners. I say, bring out a global Ford Everest to sit between the Explorer and Expedition as the vehicle that has major on and off road prowess for the person who wants a body on frame SUV without the full size of an Expedition but more capable than an explorer that’s not looking for a purposefully retro vehicle, just like what it is in Australia but with more modern tech and interior features. Give that a Vingale package as well and you can really kiss Lincoln goodbye and balance out your car and SUV lineup. Below the Explorer should be the new Mondeo Crossover vehicle, still on the CD6 platform. Still based on the RWD CD6 platform, the Mondeo will differ from the Falcon by having the 3.3L Ti-VCT V6, the 3.0L Eco diesel and the 2.0L Ecoboost as it’s engine options along with a 10-speed automatic and a 10-speed Hybrid behind the 2.0L Ecoboost engine with only one sport model and that’s it. Having the Mondeo, the Explorer, the Bronco, the Everest and the Expedition allows Ford to get rid of FWD based vehicles such as the Ecosport, the Escape and the Edge and if Ford would actually redesign the Ranger and make it look like a baby F150 and add the 2.7L and 3.0L V6 to the lineup along with a 3.0L Eco-diesel, a 3.3L gas engine and the 2.3L turbo, the Ranger would be a serious truck. Adding a Vignale package to the Ranger would allow it to compete with the Canyon Denali, which could prove to be quite interesting and give it a serious edge over the Colorado.

    As I said above, this lineup would allow Ford to get rid of FWD vehicles like the Ecosport, Escape and Edge. This doesn’t mean Ford shouldn’t have smaller “urban mobility vehicles” Vehicles like the Mustang Mach-E, the EVOS Performance SUV/Crossover concept, a new C-Max lineup with a sedan, a hatch and a crossover and electric Ford Transits and Transit Connects should take over the city scene as the lineup I’ve described opens up the door to electric mobility in a major way. It’s no secret that electric engines have major performance advantages over micro-displacement engines and in city environments small, efficient vehicles are needed to maneuver through small streets and tight parking spaces and parking lots. The idea here would be to have electric vehicles with semi-autonomous features such as self-park to perform in tight environments with reduced noise and emissions and have great range. Of course this means more charging stations and less gas stations and more parking garages with charging stations inside of them with solar pannels on the roof to power the charging stations which allows for clean energy. Vignale packages on the Mach E, EVOS and C-Max would add premium luxury to these vehicles without breaking the bank, keeping them attainable to commuters and college students alike.

    Above these vehicles, you have the F150 and the Expedition. With the 5.0L becoming an unwanted engine in the F150, I’d say drop in the 3.0T Ecoboost and call it a day as it offers more horsepower and torque than the F150 spec 5.0 and more torque than the 2.7L. If Ford really wanted to be smart about it, bring up the Aussie Barra 325T 4.0L inline-6 twin turbo and drop that under the hood of the F150 and just have that along with the 3.0L Ecoboost and the 3.5L High output Ecoboost and the 3.0L Eco Diesel. Granted I would love to see a 660hp 3.5L F150 Lightning come back into the mix as well as the fastest performance street truck ever made and it wouldn’t be hard for Ford to do so. Just make sure it sounds better than the god-awful exhaust that’s on the Raptor. Something needs to be done about the sound of Ecoboost trucks. They need to sound closer to the Ford GT. As for this and the Expedition, a top of the line Vignale package gets rid of the need for Lincoln and gives Ford something to compete with the Denali Sierra and Denali Yukon vehicles.

    As for the Super Duty vehicles, it’s time to say goodbye to the Diesel engines and hello to Electric HD performance. If GM is going to bring back the Hummer with 1,000hp and 11,500tq, it’s time for Ford to get on the ball and do the same. Rename the F250 the Ford Tremor and the F350/450 the Ford Atlas and rock the HD world to it’s core. Of course adding top of the line Vignale packages to slot above the Limited and Platinum packages while still offering dual rear wheel packages and everything else the Super Duty pickup trucks offer.

    Not only does this lineup simplify Ford, it offers a better balance of vehicles, Fewer platforms, fewer engines, fewer transmissions, fewer different models, and it covers a wider range of customers and offers efficient powertrains and more versatile vehicles across the board. It saves money, makes money, and keeps Ford from trying to reinvent the wheel. Ford already has everything it needs, it doesn’t need to really make anything new or name anything new. Take what you’ve already got and make it better. I am glad that Ford got rid of the cars that they had, but i don’t agree with getting rid of cars. you still need them and I think that this lineup I’ve described would give Ford everything they need for a completely global lineup that wouldn’t really need to deviate in any market.


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