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Ford Courier Small Pickup Reportedly Shown To Dealers

Ford fans often lament the fact that the automaker did away with all of its cars in North America except the Mustang. Ford’s stance at the time was that consumers wanted to buy pickups and SUVs, so it stopped selling cars. The catch is that many shoppers are going to other brands for cheaper vehicles instead of buying SUVs. That may stop for pickup fans with the automaker reportedly showing dealers the long-rumored Ford Courier pickup that’s intended to sit underneath the Ranger in the Ford lineup.


The latest rumor claims that Ford has shown dealers the Courier pickup behind closed doors and told them the truck would start at under $20,000. Ford is in dire need of cheap vehicles in that price range, and a small and moderately capable truck would likely win some buyers from affordable SUVs offered by other brands. Some interesting details of the Ford Courier pickup have surfaced from that meeting.

The pickup seen at the meeting is claimed to have flat sides reminiscent of the original Ford Ranger released in 1983. That was a very square and boxy pickup that many still love the looks of today. The dealers also noted that the boxy truck had an emphasis on function rather than form. We have seen Ford Courier test mules running around wearing heavy camo, and it’s been clear that the vehicle had four doors and a longer bed.

It’s unclear at this time if the Courier will be offered in other trims or if Ford will stick with one to keep costs down. Some pickup fans won’t like that the standard version is expected to be a front-wheel-drive vehicle with all-wheel drive as an option. Also detailed from the meeting Ford had with dealers is that the pickup will be manufactured at the Hermosillo, Mexico factory that is currently producing the Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ, both of which are being discontinued this year.

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