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Ford Europe Launches No Touch Auto Servicing And Sanitation

Ford Europe has announced that it has launched a new No Touch auto servicing option for customers in Europe. Ford’s service facilities are still open across Europe to help customers get the services they need to keep their vehicles on the road. The new No Touch service option launched in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak around the world.

Ford says No Touch auto servicing ensures that vehicles are sanitized before being returned to owners and includes a video summary of the proposed work. Ford says that some of its dealerships are temporarily closed while governments try and slow the spread of the coronavirus, but many are still open. Dealer service centers are open even in some of the most impacted countries, including Italy.

Ford Customer Services Division sales director for Ford Europe, Massimo Pasanisi, says that Ford Europe knows there are delivery drivers who need to transport everything from groceries to medical supplies. Customers who may be shopping or dropping off essential supplies to elderly relatives also need service. Ford wants to let customers know that they can get the service work they may need and peace of mind that the vehicle is sanitized afterwards.

When working on vehicles, drivers wear disposable gloves, and vehicle keys are sanitized as well as the interior. The steering wheel, gear stick, and driver seat are all protected using disposable plastic covers removed when the vehicle is returned to the customer. The video is meant to ensure that customers can see and approve work that is recommended and how much the work will cost. The video check is accessible through smartphones, tablets, or computers. The No Touch service is available currently in Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and the UK. It will also be extended through Europe this week.

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