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Ford Mustang Mach-E Order Banks Tipped To Open May 11th


Ford hasn’t been particularly forthcoming with specifics on Ford Mustang Mach-E reservations. As close as we been able to get to any official reservation numbers has been some details that turned up on the Mach-E Forum claiming that reservations had reached 30,000 units. Some more details have surfaced about the new Ford EV that come from the same forum.

A poster on the forum claims that the administrator addendum was added to the ordering system for the vehicle showing that order banks will open on May 11th. According to a similar post on the same forum, starting in mid-May, customers will get an email from Ford with a link for them to finish configuring the vehicle online. One caveat is that the dealer they want to use has to be signed up with the Ford e-commerce platform for that functionality to work.

It’s unclear what Ford Mustang Mach-E hopefuls are supposed to do if their chosen dealership does not support the e-commerce platform, presumably they will need to select a new dealer. When the order is submitted to the dealer, the customer will have to put down their deposit. The dealer is supposed to monitor reservation activity daily, and when a customer submits an order, the dealer is supposed to accept it to place it into the Ford system. The leaked slides note that accepting an order in this method is equivalent to taking a wholesale for retail order.

Ford does recommend that its dealerships contact the customer before accepting the order. The slides also show that official job aids and reservation conversion training is coming for dealerships next month. This vehicle is Ford’s first foray into selling cars online in this manner and could well be the future of auto sales for the Blue Oval. Reports have indicated in the past that the vast majority of reservations for the EV have been made online rather than via a dealership.

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Source: Mach-E Forum


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  1. Ford Owner

    I understand why Ford needs the closest dealership to support the e-commerce platform, since the Mach-E is a brand new design, and the new owner may need that support. This is why Ford may not follow the Tesla model of a direct sale. And it is also the reason I will never buy any car, gas or electric, with no service station near my home, which has no near Tesla service station at all (the nearest one is 1,600 miles away). I have three Ford dealers within 15 miles and any one or all can qualify to support the e-commerce platform when I decide to order my own Mach-E in the future.


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