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Ford Promotes World Water Day As It Takes Steps To Eliminate Water Use

Earlier this week was World Water Day, and Ford took time amid the coronavirus outbreak and all that goes along with it to tweet an announcement celebrating the event and it talked about some of its plans for the future. Ford has stated that it’s going to do more to help conserve natural resources. The automaker says that it has a goal to eliminate the use of water in its manufacturing efforts.

Ford says that less than one percent of the water on our entire planet is available for human use. The other 99 percent of the water that’s available is saltwater or freshwater frozen in polar ice caps or otherwise inaccessible. Ford said on World Water Day that between 2000 and 2018 that it reduced its water use in manufacturing by 65 percent.

Ford says that its ultimate goal is to get to zero water use in its manufacturing plants around the world. Pollution from manufacturing operations has fouled some of the water flowing through rivers and streams in the United States over the years, with much of it from various manufacturing operations. Residents in St. Paul near Ford’s former plant area C have been urging the automaker and state authorities to clean the site up.

In that region, Ford dumped industrial waste legally for many years. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has said that there is no threat to the groundwater or the river that runs directly adjacent to the site. Residents in the area are still afraid and want the waste cleaned up. Ford dumped waste in the area until about 1960, including barrels of paints and solvents. When Ford stopped dumping in the area, the barrels were capped with a cement slab, and then construction debris was piled on top.

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