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Ford Pulls All National Vehicle Commercials To Highlight Coronavirus Efforts: Video

Ford has pulled all of its nationwide vehicle commercials that it was running on TV and online. Instead of those commercials for vehicles, Ford has replaced them with commercials that highlight its coronavirus response campaign. The commercials highlight things such as the Ford Credit car payment relief program some customers may qualify for.

Ford Credit announced this week that it would allow some customers to postpone a payment, and others may be able to change a payment due date if they are impacted by the coronavirus. Ford Credit is also allowing new vehicle buyers to put payments off for 90 days. One main commercial that will be seen in various formats is called “Built for Right Now” and outlines how Ford owners who have financed or leased through Ford Credit can get help.

That video can be seen above. Ford director of U.S. marketing Matt VanDyke said that last week it was clear that “we were at a tipping point,” where he says the normal message in the marketplace wasn’t working the same way. He noted that it was essential to reassure right now rather than telling people to rush into dealerships to buy a car. The ads do show how Ford helped America during its 100-year history, including building tanks and aircraft during wartime.

It also talks up how recently it is given payment relief to those affected by natural disasters like hurricanes, fires, or tornadoes. Ford has also announced significant investments via its philanthropic arm, the Ford Fund, with money given to support food programs for kids who are no longer in school and the elderly. It’s also spending some money to help students from traditionally black colleges, and universities get home when the schools are closed if they are unable to afford it themselves.

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Source: AdAge

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