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Ford Share Price Continues To Tumble As Doubts Swirl

Earlier this month, we mentioned the Ford share price had slid further under CEO Jim Hackett’s tenure than his predecessor. That tumble hasn’t stopped with the Ford share price closing at under six dollars for the first time in more than a decade this week. The tumble came after a Deutsche Bank analyst question how ready Ford was a slump in the automotive industry within the United States.

The problem that analysts have with Ford’s performance currently is that the automaker is forecasting earnings before interest and taxes of between $5.6 billion to $6.6 billion with the middle of that range representing a loss from last year. The problem analysts are having is that Ford’s current financial forecast doesn’t take into account the impact that the coronavirus has had on the automotive industry.

Analyst Emmanuel Rosner also noted in a report that there is concern about preparedness Ford has for the eventual downturn in the United States automotive industry. On Monday of this week, Ford shares closed at its lowest price in intraday trading since 2009 at $5.88 per share. That’s a marked decline from the share price Ford had earlier this month when the stock was closing around $6.46 per share. That number was its lowest price in a decade.

Many are wondering how far the Board of Directors at Ford will allow the stock price to decline before CEO Jim Hackett finds himself under considerable pressure or out of a job. The low stock price is one of the reasons Hackett’s predecessor, Mark Fields, was ousted from his spot as CEO after 35 months. Ford is continuing to work its turnaround plan; it involves closing factories around the world and shedding unprofitable lines. Ford needs massive success with the launch of the coming Mustang Mach-E and the Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport SUVs. It remains unclear if those products will help the company turnaround.

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Source: Bloomberg

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  1. Joseph Bowman

    I like Hackett, hard to defend parts of that, but I do. I think we’re reaching a time in the market that stock price will finally stop being the signifier of how well a busy is doing. Ford has a positive attribute in being family owned that they don’t have to answer to short term expectations.

  2. Michael Fornetti

    From what I see the Bronco and Baby Bronco will be big hits but I do not know if they will be big enough to overcome Ford’s world wide business issues.
    If the launch is a disaster that they are done in the car and suv industry.

  3. Tom

    I’ve posted my feelings on this guy (and Farley also) enough on here. Just get rid of him. It was a mistake putting him in this job in the first place. One market downturn when you’re trying to sell $45,000 pickup trucks to stay alive we’ll spell disaster for Ford.

  4. Mic

    Sold Ford late last year. Management historically is weak and the last company to react to changing markets.

    Started accumulating the stock based on the new products they finally came back to market with, Ranger for one.

    Optimism turned to disappointment when the pricing, promotional programs and product its self came to market. I see Ranger stock sitting for 12+ months at some dealerships while others have failed to restock the broader offering.

    Unloaded all F in Dec., sure glad i did.

    Ford is historically taken to the cliff and dangled. One of these trips Bill will drop it.


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