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Ford Stock Price Fell Further Under CEO Jim Hackett Than His Predecessor

Things aren’t looking good for Ford as its stock price declines and sales are declining at the same time. Current Ford CEO Jim Hackett is under considerable pressure as Ford stock price continues to decline. Currently, under Hackett’s tenure, the Ford stock price has declined 40 percent since he took over in May 2017.

That is a more significant decline than the 37 percent Ford’s stock fell under former CEO Mark Fields during his 35-month tenure. One of the major reasons Fields was pushed out of the company was declining stock price. Hackett and Ford are currently undergoing an $11 billion restructuring plan for Ford Motor Company that has touched Ford operations around the world.

While fighting a declining stock price and declining sales, Ford has been unable to successfully pull off high-profile product launches such as that of the 2020 Ford Explorer. The botched Ford Explorer launch resulted in the “retirement” of Joe Hinrichs as COO. He was replaced by Jim Farley, who took up his new position this month.

Part of the job Farley has is to help accelerate the Ford turnaround plan and to ensure that no additional key product launches are botched. Farley will be under pressure on the launch of the Ford Mustang Mach-E and the Ford Bronco to ensure that things go perfectly. Ford shares have fallen to $6.46 in trading, which is its lowest intraday in more than a decade. Currently, Hackett has latitude with the Ford board of directors, but exactly how long that will last is unknown. Most assume that Jim Farley is in a position to replace Hackett if he retires or is forced out of the company as Fields was in 2017.

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Source: Yahoo

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  1. Roy Chiles

    I never had that much confidence in Jim Hackett. Killing off all the cars minus the mustang Not Good, where the Fusion Cross Country aka Wagon? Where’s a rear wheel drive sedan? Batching the lunch of the best selling SUV Ford Explorer Not Good which also hurt the return of the new Lincoln Aviator, Epic failure. The Zephyr should have had its on front end and all wheel drive, all Continentals should have been Coach door model for better, why build just 100? Sells would have been better then the Continental could have moved over to the new rear wheel drive chassis. The Mustang Mach E & Bronco need to be a run away hits to turn sells around while rebuilding the Image of the Explorer & Aviator. Next CEO please

  2. TireGuide

    I don’t like the steps Jim takes.
    When will we see the new bronco already?
    And I don’t really like the new electric mustang.

  3. Adithya Ramachandran

    I think the Explorer launch debacle has a lot to do with sinking stock price due to high warranty spend. Ford must launch the new Bronco & F150 without any flaws, and sell Mach E’s in significant numbers for it’s stock to rise. If the Bronco or F150 have issues or the Mach E doesn’t sell in large volumes, then the company is in deep trouble.


    Cannot believe the inexperienced unqualified furniture guy still has a job, maybe he will be fired when the stock trades under $3.00/share.


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