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Ford ‘Wolftrak’ Trademark Filing Hints At Future Special Edition Model

Ford Motor Company has filed to trademark “Wolftrak” with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), Ford Authority has learned.

Filed on March 16th, 2020 and assigned serial number 018211325, the application lists the following goods and services category:

Motor vehicles, namely, automobiles, pick-up trucks, electric vehicles, sport utility vehicles, off-road vehicles, and their structural parts.

The Ford Authority Take

The Ford Wolfrak trademark filing piques our interest, since it is similar to the Wildtrak name the Dearborn-based automaker currently uses for a variant of the Ranger midsize pickup truck.

Ford Ranger Wildtrak

The Ranger Wildtrak started out as a special edition of the Ranger in select international markets such as Australia and parts of Africa. Today, it is a full-fledged trim level based on the four-wheel-drive Super Crew cab. The Ranger Wildtrak differentiates itself from other Ranger models via a model-specific grille finished in dark gray, along with model-specific wheels and other exterior and interior trim components. Though offered in various colors, the Ranger Wildtrak also features a model-specific hue called Pride Orange as well as Wildtrak badging on the lower end of the front doors. In Australia, the Ranger Wildtrak slots between the XLT and Raptor models as the Ranger’s mid-level trim.

Ford Ranger Wildtrak

We have seen a few outlets speculate that The Blue Oval has filed to trademark the name for use as a trim level on the upcoming Ford Bronco. We do not believe this to be the case, since this filing was made in Europe, a market that isn’t expected to receive the Bronco. However, in the case that Ford has changed its mind, it wouldn’t make sense for it to file the Wolftrak application in Europe before doing so in its home market, since the U.S. will be the very first market where the reborn Bronco will launch – as the body-on-frame 2021 Bronco (available in four-door, two-door, and pickup truck body styles) as well as the unibody Bronco Sport.

A leaked image of the upcoming 2021 Ford Bronco two-door

As such, we posit that Ford has other plans for the Wolftrak name, perhaps as yet another variant for the Ranger, or perhaps another model – but not the Bronco.

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  1. fpvfan

    The more I look at car companies, particularly American car companies, the more I realize that they are either not really in tune with what’s really going on, they are desperate or they just don’t care about what’s really going on. I get that the market is full of fickle, whimsical, people and the bean counters are always screwing things up and politics and fuel economy and all of that stuff all come in to play, but can I be real for a moment people, I mean really brutally honest. Now don’t get me wrong, I love high performance cars, I do, but let’s be real here. The majority of us can not afford a Ford GT or a GT500 and to be honest, probably even a GT350 for anyone who is a Ford fan, Same goes with GM and Mopar. Most of us are working class people and some of us even have families so two seater, mid engine cars are usually out of the question right? Alot of people are in situations where even a 2-door sports car or something loud or anything other than a mature, responsible bland, boring, child safe vehicle is out of the question which eliminates pretty much every American performance vehicle out there. My real question and point is this, why are car companies spending all of this money on vehicles that most people can’t even afford and even if they can, won’t ever really use? How many people are really going to track their car and need a 750hp Mustang or an 840hp Demon or a 650hp ZL1? To put it in even more perspective, not even the fact of affordability, let’s talk practicality. Like I said, I’m all about performance but the one trick pony cars have run their course. Let’s talk about SUV’s and crossovers. I’m sorry but Ford, you only make 2 good looking SUVs in America, the Explorer and that gorgeous Expedition. Everything else (including this new Bronco, not the little one though) is Ugly. Mach-E, absolutely great idea destroyed by putting the Mustang name to it. Ford had a winner and messed up by being dumb and dragging the Mustang name through the mud. Worst idea since the Mustang II and even that was a better idea. Let’s talk trucks, actually, everything is just about great with Ford’s trucks actually. Ranger could use a few more engine options and more F150 like styling and a few other things but everything is cool with Ford trucks. Let’s talk Lincoln. Kill it!!!!!!! Waste of Money! Ford needs to stop paying so much attention to Elon Musk and start paying attention to the rest of the world. Yeah electric cars are great, but they cost too much right now, it’s not practical and there aren’t enough charging stations yet to make them truly marketable. Once the cities and urban areas where parking and gas stations are limited and they start putting solar powered charging stations in parking garages and public parking places where they can be monitored and people can’t vandalize or steal them, that’s when Electric cars will see a better market. It’s coming and yeah I think all car companies should be ready for it but it’s not here yet. Instead of focusing on supercars that most people can’t afford, Focus on performance vehicles that people can afford. Ford has the CD6 platform and GM has the Alpha-II platform along with Ecoboost and twin turbo engines and hybrid powertrains(since people are so focused on smaller, more efficient engines and integrating electric drivetrains) The mustang and Camaro have been around since 1964.5 and 1966(Camaro came out in 66 as the ’67 model year for anyone who didn’t know) and have been around for a long time. Great cars, but very limited in what they can do and what they can be (although Ford is trying to make the mustang different, they haven’t realized they’re about to run into a brick wall and really hurt themselves). People don’t buy most performance cars because of impracticality. point blank, they’re too small, cost too much to fuel, way over priced, and they’re pointless unless it’s dry outside. Most places in America get snow, rain or some other type of non-perfect weather, which makes having a performance car kind of a waste. Since American cars are on this retro kick and have been so for the last 15 years (a trend that is getting old faster than most of their quarter mile times and loosing traction faster than a mustang near a crowd of people), let’s broaden the spectrum to some of the other (and better) vehicles that Ford and GM had both here and overseas that should have squashed the Camaro and Mustang YEARS AGO! Ford’s Torino and Chevrolet’s Chevelle were both better cars than the Mustang and Camaro and were both cars that were way more usable and flexible than the pigeon-holed pony cars we covet. The Torino was off of the Fairlane model and the Chevelle was off of the Malibu and both came in Coupe, Sedan, wagon and a little mini truck, Ford’s Ranchero and Chevrolet’s El-Camino. Both of these concepts were received world wide and especially in Australia where the Ford Falcon and the Holden Commodore took the place of the American cars. Now let’s fast forward today as to not belabor this any longer. If Ford took the CD6 platform and made a Falcon family of vehicles that included a large fastback coupe (think Mad-Max’s Falcon without the crazy nose), a sedan, a crossover and a mini truck (don’t scoff, Ford is already trying to make one called the Courier), and did so with all Ecoboost engines, 2.0L 2.3L 3.0L 3.0L Hybrid, 3.5L and 3.5L HO, and then GM were to follow up with a Commodore coupe, sedan, crossover, and mini truck and dropped in the 2.0L Turbo, 2.7L Turbo, 3.0L Turbo, a hybrid, a 3.6L and 3.6L HO, give both the Ford and GM vehicles AWD, a 10-speed auto, a 7-speed DCT, a Hyrbid 10-speed and a Hybrid 7-speed DCT, performance packages, etc where would the problem be? Right above those cars you would have the CD6 platform explorer and the Alpha-2 platform GMC Blazer that would compete against each other and the Bronco Sport would compete against the GMC Terrain. Above that you would have the Ranger and Everest (get rid of the Bronco) competing with a revised and less ugly GMC Canyon and a GMC Trailblazer. Now if anyone so far has caught that I’ve said GMC instead of Chevy, there is a reason for it. Honestly General Motors should get rid of Chevrolet, Buick and Cadillac, leaving Holden and GMC as the two names that continue on from this point. Why? Chevrolet’s lineup is dead to be honest and there is no point to having the Chevy SUV and truck line, or the Cadillac line when you have the GMC SUV and truck line and the GMC Denali line. Just not practical. Holden had a better lineup of cars so make Holden the car lineup of GMC and call it a day. Now back to the the actual lineup. Ford F150 is still an awesome truck and honestly, just get rid of the V8 engines and leave the 3.5L Ecoboost engines and Ford is good to go also, I think Ford should add the 3.0L To the Expedition lineup to give it some versatility . GM is moving forward with the 2.7L Turbo engine which might work for a base engine but I think it’s time GM figure out how to put the 400hp 3.0L and the 465hp 3.6L V6 under the hood of the Sierra and Yukon and make it work. The F150 and GMC 1500 class both have diesels so that works fine. Now GMC has a teaser for the new Hummer pickup, a vehicle that would make sense to replace the Super Duty Diesels with the specs that it has. If this happens, Ford should answer back with the Atlas as being the Super Duty pickups of the Ford world with all electric and competitive power specs. That right there takes big diesels out of the picture forever! Here’s another thing, Trump just rolled back that Obama era thing for 47.something MPG average across the board for car company lineups. Beyond getting rid of diesels and V8 engines and adding hybrids across the board and simplifying lineups and giving people what they want, how about moving all commercial vehicles and fleet vehicles to electric. Both GM and Ford are working diligently around the clock on these new electric vehicles and that’s great! Change the Transit, the Transit connect and the City express to Electric vehicles and that frees up alot of issues right there. Bring back cars like the C-Max, the Volt (which, i won’t lie, looked pretty cool) and bring out new cars like the Mach E (without the Mustang name), the EVOS concept, the actual GMC FNR-X concept and things like that. Ramp them up like crazy, that’s how you actually have a balanced automotive world of efficiency and performance. You don’t have to get rid of one for the other, or try to shove the electric only world down our throats or any of that. Change is inevitable, everyone understands that, but it doesn’t mean that people should have to just deal with things being one way now. People should still have a choice. People should still be able to buy affordable, fun vehicles that are comfortable and can be used year round that aren’t electric. People still need to feel a connection with their car and look forward to driving. This is how you do it.


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