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Ford’s Baby Bronco Leaked In All Its Rugged Glory

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We’ve been closely following Ford’s upcoming baby Bronco, bringing you spy shots galore, as well as exclusive information that the vehicle will ultimately be called Bronco Sport (and not Maverick, as incorrectly reported by others). And now, we have brand new photos of the upcoming rugged crossover – in the buff.

What we see is a relatively rugged and boxy compact crossover finished in a blue color. At the front, the BRONCO script is written across the grille. The lettering is finished in a silver font, which contrasts nicely with the black grille. The headlamps are quite expressive, with a single lens complemented by a horizontal LED strip. A set of toe hooks are found at the lower end of the front end. We can’t quite make out the design of the hood, since it’s propped open.

From the side, we see a very upright shape, with a completely blacked-out greenhouse thanks to glossy black A-, B-, B, and D-pillars. The C-pillar has an upward kink that continues into the D-pillar, delivering a design trait that seems to be somewhat Land Rover-esque. The belt line is very clearly defined from bow to stern.

Other notable elements for the baby Bronco / Bronco Sport include black wheelhouse liners, a theme that is also carried across into the front and rear bumpers, as well as the space below the front and rear doors. There also appears to be some kind of a plastic accent just ahead of the front door, below the base of the A-pillar. Aft of that, there’s an amber element on the front door, which could either be a turn signal indicator or a Bronco logo. The doors feature an accent that progressively tapers at the rear door, while a set of large roof rails and an antenna sit at the top of the CUV. The whole ensemble sits on double five-spoke dark gray wheels.

The rear end of the baby Bronco carries over the upright boxy theme, with a center high-mounted stop lamp being flanked by visible hinges for the rear glass, suggesting that owners will be able to open the rear glass separately of the rear hatch. The blacked-out D-pillars combined with the rear glass to deliver a modern, high-tech appearance, while a rear wiper is positioned at the bottom of the rear glass.

The BRONCO script is prominently featured at the liftgate. It is followed by a smaller “SPORT” script. The Ford logo is offset at the driver’s side edge. Vertically-oriented tail lamps are present and accounted for at the edges of the body.

Based on the Ford C2 platform, the Bronco Sport features very short front and rear overhangs, and the vehicle appears worthy of the Bronco name, even if it’s a crossover rather than a body-on-frame SUV like the “regular” 2021 Bronco. Look for the vehicle to make its debut at the upcoming North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit this June, after the regular Bronco shows up in March and April.

Now, check out the first photos of the Ford Bronco Sport interior.

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Written by Alex Luft

Ford Authority founder with a passion for global automotive business strategy.

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  1. That is what Ford needed for the past 10 years!
    Great solid chiseled look
    The poor 2020 Escape hangs its droopy face down low next to this.

    • The front end of the new escape is literally higher than the previous gen and has uplifted corners at the grill and the Sport and Escape share the same platform…

  2. Somebodies Gotta Say It ! What was wrong with building the Bronco to look like it’s 1960’s counterparts ? This vehicle looks just like all the others running around out there. A family friend has an original Bronco Pickup type, Papa Josh bought it new, and drove it close to 30 years. Ford, you’re like the others, too afraid to go back to your roots. Just do one thing … don’t mess up the new Ford Courier Mini Truck.

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