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Gary Jones Could Help Build A Federal Case For UAW Takeover

Early this month we talked about former UAW president Gary Jones being officially charged by federal prosecutors for embezzling union funds and aiding in racketeering activity. The racketeering charges were seen by some analysts as a clear indication that the feds intended to turn the UAW over to federal control once the criminal investigation is done. Investigators have made clear in the past that a UAW takeover is on the table as an option to reform the union.

Former UAW president Gary Jones is expected to cooperate fully with investigators now that he has been charged and is expected to plead guilty. It is expected that Jones will cooperate with investigators and help the feds to build a case for taking over the union in exchange for less jail time. Such a takeover would likely oust all top leaders in the UAW and install the federal government in control.

In the past it was warned that a federal takeover could cost the union millions and millions of dollars. A federal takeover would, according to reports, undermine rank-and-file member confidence in leadership and fuel protesters in the nonunionized South to fight harder against unions coming to that part of the country. US Attorney Matthew Schneider said recently that a federal takeover was on the table and pointed to the federal takeover of the Teamsters decades ago as proof that governmental oversight works.

Current UAW president Rory Gamble opposes that plan and says he wants to “save my union.” Gamble is working to prove that the union can handle its own affairs. However, for many members and federal investigators, the union is unable to manage its own affairs and the continuing convention of current and former UAW leaders proves that. So far 14 individuals have been charged in the corruption investigation and investigators have indicated they aren’t close to being done.

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Source: Detroit News

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