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Getrag 6MTI550 Manual Transmission May Be Used In The Bronco


Some details on new transmission built by Getrag for Ford have surfaced, and it sounds increasingly like this is the manual transmission that will be used in the new Ford Bronco. The transmission is the Getrag 6MTI550 and is described by the manufacturer as a “highly modular and scalable” lightweight inline manual transmission. Getrag says that the transmission has best-in-class torque density and promises excellent shift quality.

The description says that the Getrag 6MTI550 transmission is for middle and high torque applications and uses a constant mesh concept. The high torque capacity is delivered at a low transmission weight, with the transmission weighing between 49 and 56 kilograms dry without a damper. It’s able to handle between 600 and 800 Nm torque, which is between 442 and 590 foot-pounds of torque.

The Getrag 6MTI550 transmission will handle a maximum gross vehicle mass of 4000 kilograms and a max gross trailer mass of 10,000 kilograms. It supports all-wheel-drive applications and is design protected for a hybrid version. Some rumors have indicated that we could potentially see a hybrid version of the Ford Bronco down the road. One of the most interesting things about the transmission is that it has an optional seventh speed.

Unlike most transmissions where extra gears just mean a taller overdrive to help fuel economy, this seventh speed would be an optional “crawler” low gear. That would be perfect for off-roading in the new Bronco. Other interesting features of the transmission include a flexible range of gear ratios and ratio spread as well as being ready for a start-stop system and rev-matching. Three pedal fans should be excited at the prospect of a super-low crawler gear if the rumors are correct and this is the Bronco transmission.

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Source: Getrag


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  1. FPVfan

    sounds interesting. I wonder if this will end up in the next gen mustang or hopefully 4-door ecoboost sports coupe. This would be a cool option to go along with the 10-speed auto, 10-speed hybrid and 7-speed DCT that are already out. Ford has so much potential and so many setups that could lead to some truly epic vehicles.

  2. Roy Chiles

    So much Potential yet very little Hope, Is it better than the standard shift tranny under the 2011-14 Mustang? Which is Garbage, great motor Shity transmission. Ford should recall all of them period. My 2012 Mustang RTR was good for 55k miles before a rebuild the same can be said for my 2013 BOSS302 which should have had the tranny from the 13 GT500. If your still wondering why your sock prices R down? Take a good look at the junk your putting in good vehicles…

    1. Ford Fan

      yo that was cause your rtr has way more power the stock trans was not rated for that much hp…


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