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President Trump Pushes Ford And GM To Build Ventilators

President Trump wants automakers to work with healthcare providers to build ventilators in some of their shut down automotive factories. Recently, President Trump has spoken out against both automakers as he calls on them to produce ventilators that are needed for critically ill patients fighting COVID-19 around the country. Trump suggested that he could invoke the Defense Protection Act to force the automakers to move more quickly. The president has been urged by many Democrats to invoke the act, which would give him the power to expand industrial production of key materials or products for national security.

Trump called on GM to “immediately open their stupidly abandoned Lordstown plant in Ohio, or some other plant, “saying that the automaker needed to start making ventilators now. In the same tweet, Trump said, “Ford, get going on ventilators, fast.” The tweet also noted that “they” said they were going to provide 40,000 ventilators “very quickly,” and now they’re saying it will only be 6000 by late April, “and they want top dollar.” It’s unclear who “they” refers to, presumably the president means GM.


GM has announced that it will work with Ventex Life Systems with them starting to ship as early as next month. Ford has stated that it’s moving as fast as possible to get ready for ventilator manufacturing efforts. Ford issued a statement that said it was “pulling out all the stops” to provide the ventilators for patients, first responders, and healthcare workers. Ford says it has a team working “flat-out” with GE Healthcare to boost production of the simplified ventilator it mentioned before.

Domestic automakers aren’t alone in working with healthcare companies to produce ventilators, Toyota Motor Corporation announced today that it was “finalizing agreements” to begin working with two companies to provide ventilators and respirators. The challenge now is getting the ventilators built, and in the hands of healthcare providers quickly enough, the governor of New York has said that they need the ventilators in weeks, not months.

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Source: Yahoo

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  1. Roy Chiles

    Trump & the republican Party Piss Poor Planning for this virus is on their hands not the Automaker’s. This Administration has early Warning & Apple time to get ahead of this matter in December & January. Instead of acting like a Leader & President he was holding rallies making jokes about the virus, So the Chosen 1 Gets what he gets when he gets it. Listen to Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party & invoke the Defense Protection Act now to save people lives instead of worrying about putting US in danger on Easter by wanting people to go back to work because he & his company’s are losing money – Trump Do Your Job Protect the American People, Period


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