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The Super Bronco Is Part F-250 And Part Excursion

Many Bronco fans prefer the early first-generation versions that were small and boxy. There are a significant number of Bronco fans who prefer the later model versions that were significantly larger and had big V-8’s under the hood, such as the one made famous by OJ Simpson. There has been no Bronco produced by Ford for a long time, and the Super Bronco you see here was never a car that Ford built.

A Texan named David Stockman wanted to build himself a custom Bronco and decided to do so by taking a Ford F-250 pickup and a Ford Excursion and combining them. The build process started by cutting the Excursion and cutting the F-250 and then welding the two frames together. He says that it’s much easier to simply weld the two halves together rather than trying to pull out all the wiring and adapt it to the old Excursion body.

According to David, welding two vehicles together may sound simple enough, but the proportions of the two vehicles made it very difficult. However, the builder had some coach building experience that helped him complete his creation. The project did require odds and ends that were obtained from various Ford passenger and commercial vehicles. That means lots of trips to the junkyard.

Suicide doors from a Ford truck, a hood from an F-250, and lots more custom touches were built into the vehicle. Considering how rough the vehicle project looks in some of the images, the finished product looks very factory. It’s unclear what engine powers the Super Bronco or exactly how much time and money it cost to build the vehicle. We will say that the third window between the passenger door window in the back window is a bit strange looking. It’s not clear if the donor vehicles were damaged already, we aren’t sure Expedition enthusiasts would appreciate the destruction of a clean donor vehicle.

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  1. GaryB

    Good job. It looks great from the photo. That would be pretty wild if Ford started making 2 door excursions.

  2. Rich

    Very COOL , would like the whole story on this, maybe a youtube video start to finish.

  3. Jeff

    Great job, I bet there are many folks that would love to have one of these. Excellent design and build.

  4. Quentin Curtis

    I just seen this driving in Dallas yesterday. This is better than what Ford did with the new bronco

  5. Al W.

    The extra window appears to be in the back door of a super duty super (extended) cab truck. Looks like that’s what was used and I think it’s a good idea to allow easier access to the back section.
    Effectively this is an F250 with an open back of the cab into a permanent bed cap.

    I used to own a ’91 F150 with the cab and a shortened step side box mounted on a Bronco frame. I called it a Broncup.

  6. Vivian

    I really love it! Is it capable of pulling a nice size camping trailer even though it is shorter? Perfect color too🤗

    1. David Stockman

      I have pulled various size trailers with it. It pulls just like any F-250 Super Duty would. I have probably had 6 to 7 thousand pounds behind it and hardly noticed any difference in the driving of it. This is so much nicer than if I had built it out of a F150 because of the load capacity and especially the brakes. One thing that I did not expect is that it has an amazingly short turning radius – about the same as my daughter’s Mini Clubman.

  7. Toheeb

    It’s lovely

  8. Rich

    I think he should work for Ford. He definitely designed a nicer bronco than the designer that created what they have now They probably would have doubled in sales

  9. Mike Green

    I saw that bronco in Waxahachie this morning. I loos awesome

  10. Barry Wood

    I have 1997 explore sports still love wish could get new one!


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