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Two-Door Ford Bronco Leaks Out Prior To Debut

Earlier this week, we got our first undisguised look at the Ford Bronco Sport (also known as the “baby Bronco”) as well as the “regular” four-door Bronco. And now, a photo of an undisguised two-door Ford Bronco has leaked out – giving us an early look at the two-door off-roader.

The model in question  has a soft-top roof, and it would appear that it’s the more capable trim level, as opposed to a more basic model variant.

Four-door Bronco SUV

The vehicle seen here looks identical to the four-door model, but with two fewer doors, resulting in a shorter overall length. The front end of the two-door 2021 Ford Bronco is boxy and upright, with a very short overhang, giving this model a capable approach angle. Though we can’t see it in the photo, we imagine that the front fascia features the same prominent BRONCO script in white on a shiny black grille, along with a pair of round headlights with a halo surround, plus a horizontal accent light running toward the inside of the grille. We also have reason to believe that the bumper also has the same foglights, collapsible recovery hooks, and winch provision as the four-door model.

The front windshield appears to have a relatively thin A-pillars, likely as a means to enable the windshield to fold forward. The mounting point of the large front mirrors could support that suspicion.

Two-door Bronco SUV

The side profile continues with the boxy and upright aesthetic, with upright body panels and glass. Black fender flares cover the wheel wells. The relatively pronounced nature of these flares gives us reason to believe that the model pictured is one of the most capable in the trim level hierarchy, since there will be two-door Bronco variants without these flares and narrower stance.

The model sits on beadlock wheels with large tires, potentially measuring 31 or 33 inches. Unlike the black soft-top roof seen on the four-door model, the roof on this 2-door Bronco seems to be a hard shell, with a cutiline fore of the B-pillar suggesting that it will be removable.

Bronco Sport crossover

The two-door model also has the same upward kink at the rear end, this time between the B- and C-pillars (as opposed to being between the C- and D-pillars). Speaking of the pillars, they are all body-color on this two-door Bronco, unlike the black B-, C-, and D-pillars on the four-door.

Though we can’t see the rear end, we expect it to have a swing gate hinged at the passenger side of the vehicle. That rear overhang is very short, delivering what will certainly be an impressive departure angle. And since the wheelbase on the two-door model is short, it should have better a more robust breakover angle.

As Ford Authority exclusively reported, the 2021 Ford Bronco was planned to be revealed to the public in April. A private reveal for the media was scheduled for March. As of this writing, it’s unclear whether either event will take place as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak.

The new, body-on-frame Bronco seen here will be produced at the Ford Michigan assembly plant in Wayne, Michigan. The model range will be comprised of the four-door model seen here, a two-door model, and a pickup truck variant. Each vehicle will have a few trim levels that will range in capability and price. The Bronco Sport will slot in below the “regular” Bronco family.

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  1. GaryB

    sweet. I cant wait to test drive the 2 door and 4 door Broncos. At this moment, i am completely teetering on the fence between those 2 models. I wonder if 2 doors, a few feet, and a couple hundred pounds will be the only difference (besides price) between the two models. What if each is limited to its own specific trim levels, powertrain/drivetrain options, or body options (hard top/soft top etc)?

  2. cary

    The 2 door looks like dorky. This thing will roll over just like the bronco 2.

    1. J.D.

      For one the new bronco has roll stability control including full ESC, so the only way it’ll roll over is if you are driving on a surface or in a manner you clearly shouldn’t be.

    2. GaryB

      both versions have the same track width. so one isnt more likely to tip over than the other. The only driving advantage the 4 door has over the 2 door is comfort over the bumps, since the longer wheelbase means more time will pass from the front tires going over a bump til the rear tires also go over the same bump. Every other performance measure will slightly be in the 2 door versions advantage. Turning radius, maneuverability on narrow twisty trails, potential for bottoming out between the wheels, etc.
      I am sure most Bronco Buyers will buck more over looks than the other things. I personally think the 2 door looks awesome and unique. However, not having to fold the seats for passengers (and baby seats) and having more space for groceries and gear without having to haul a trailer are the biggest sell points to me for the 4 door.

    3. Nate

      It won’t roll over. It won’t even roll.
      That’s a clay model.

  3. Aurora Gandara

    Had to sell my 73. Can’t wait to try out the 2 door .

  4. Mekhan

    I want one, a 2 door, and I’m buying one for sure, they look 20 times better than a wrangler, and more practical too..


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