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Zero Labs 2.0 Classic Electric Vehicle Platform Unveiled


Nearly a year ago, we talked about the Zero Labs vintage Ford Bronco that had been converted to an EV complete with a manual transmission. That particular vehicle rolled on version 1.0 of the Zero Labs electric platform. The company has now announced the Zero Labs 2.0 Classic Electric Platform, and it is vastly improved compared to the platform used last year.

The company says that the 2.0 platform has independent front and rear suspension with an optional 600 horsepower dual motor configuration. The platform is fully automatic but retains the same tactile control shifters and a new digital transfer case that directs power to each axle. For times when driving range is more important than traction, the new platform can also be operated on a single axle.

Like the original platform, the new 2.0 platform is 100 percent battery electric. The single motor platform produces 300 horsepower while the dual motor produces 600 horsepower, as previously mentioned. The vehicle keeps the same adjustable Fox Racing shocks coil-over suspension. One key difference is that the 2.0 version has no manual transmission. It supports all-wheel-drive and has 660 Nm of torque.

The platform supports both Level 2 and 3 fast chargers. The new platform brings improved weight balance at 50/50 compared to the 45/55 of the first generation. Another nice thing about the new platform is that you can get it with either classic factory steel or carbon fiber bodies, and there are multiple top options available. Top choices include a hardtop, soft top, or no roof beach cruiser. It’s unclear how much the new version will cost, but classic Broncos are very expensive, so we expected it to sell for well into the six-figure range.

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  1. Ford Fan

    way rather the steel body for multiple reasons.
    1. the grille on the carbon fiber body is just ugly af…
    2. steel is way easier to fix if it gets dented.
    3. why even get an electric bronco in the first place? gas one are way more real.


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