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2019-2020 Ford Performance Ranger EcoBoost Power Pack Calibration Debuts

Not long ago, Roush announced that it had its Stage 1 Power Pac ready for the 2019 and 2020 Ford Ranger to give the truck a bit more power. That Roush kit had no calibration and was a cold air intake only. Ford Performance has now announced its own performance calibration that will bring significantly more power and torque to the Ranger. The Ford Performance Ranger EcoBoost Power Pack is a tune only with no cold air intake.

The Ford Performance Ranger EcoBoost Power Pack promises to increase power and improve drivability throughout the entire driving range. It is 50 state legal and carries CARB EO#: D-752-12. Ford Performance says that the tune is Ford Performance engineered and dyno tested. 2019 to 2020 Ford Ranger owners can expect the Ford Performance Ranger EcoBoost Power Pack to bring improved drivability and throttle response throughout the rpm range.

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The calibration optimizes the shift schedule for the 10-speed automatic transmission. Ford Performance says that the performance calibration will coax an additional 45 horsepower and 60 pound-feet of torque out of the stock EcoBoost four-cylinder under the hood of the truck. The calibration will work for U.S. and Canadian trucks and comes with a 3 year/36k mile warranty from new vehicle in-service when installed at the Ford dealer or by an ASE/Red Seal certified technician.

The tune requires premium fuel only and allows for tire size configuration up to 265/70/17. The Ford Performance Power Pack calibration includes a Ford Performance Pro Cal 4 calibration delivery tool and Ford Performance high-flow K&N air filter. The calibration tool can also give real-time data on engine and read and clear DTC codes. The kit costs $825 and is available to purchase now.

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Source: Ford Performance

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  1. steve stanick

    Premium fuel required for a four cylinder?!

  2. George Conaway

    I own a 2020 Ecoboost Mustang high-performance. If you are speaking about the Ecoboost, then 99.99% of the time, any boosted engine should run at least 91 if not 93 octane. Most people do not understand that the higher the octane – the “harder” it is for the gas to ignite. In a boosted engine this is important to make sure detonation does not occur at the wrong time.


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