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Can This Ford F-350 Survive 12,500 Pounds Of Concrete In The Bed: Video


We’ve seen the guys over at WhistlinDiesel do some crazy stuff to their trucks to see how durable they are and for entertainment. No matter how you feel about these guys trashing what appear to be very nice trucks, they are certainly entertaining. In the past, we’ve seen the highly customized Ford F-350 that reportedly cost around $100,000 rolling on homemade Reaper wheels, and we’ve seen it getting beat on in the mud. The truck is certainly not in show condition anymore with lots of body damage, but it’s still going.

In the latest video, the gang takes that expensive Ford F-350 and aims to see how sturdy aluminum beds are. The guys point out that the payload capacity for the truck is 7250 pounds. They wanted to know what would happen if you nearly doubled the amount of weight in the bed of the pickup, so they had it filled with 12,500 pounds of concrete.

This truck isn’t on factory suspension with all the fancy hydraulics, and coilover’s on the back. We can’t help but wonder what the concrete driver thought when they pulled up, and the guy asked him to fill the bed of the truck with concrete. After getting the bed of the pickup filled, it was starting to pull away from the frame. Some of the panel gaps no longer align.

We have no idea how much concrete he actually got in the bed of the truck, but it was enough to compress the rear suspension and lift the front end into the air. Getting the bed full of concrete wasn’t enough for this guy, he also decided to drive around his property. If the truck wasn’t beat up before this, it certainly is now.

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  1. Bob

    Aholes with shid for brains, looking for notoriety.
    Too much money, not enough cells in the gray matter!

  2. Larry

    I’ve seen some stupid people, this guy takes the cake and beyound.

  3. larry

    This is not what you would call a roll model by any stretch of the imagination. I don’t care if he is testing products or not. This is a very poor example to show our young people.

  4. Ford Fan

    Built ford tough tho!👍

  5. Dave Mathers

    Further proof that it is really hard to fix STUPID!!

  6. Stephen Ketterer

    How about testing the weight capacity on an actual Super Duty instead of some tiny prick’d idiot’s hideous “look at me” toy?


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