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Ford Dividend Predicted To Return By The End Of The Year

When Ford first started to close production around the world, it also announced that it would be suspending its dividend. That dividend is one of the few bright spots about the Ford stock for investors. At the same time, the automaker announced that it was borrowing over $15 billion from two supplement credit facilities it had available to it to help get through the coronavirus shutdowns. When Ford ended its dividend, many investors wondered when, or if, it might come back.

New information has surfaced in a report from InvestorPlace looking at when the earliest time that Ford might reinstate the dividend could be. The analyst is expecting that March 2020 sales will be 40 percent lower this year than they were in 2019. The assumption is that sales for April through June will be at least 50 percent lower than the past year due to the coronavirus and low demand for vehicles.

The analyst says that even if Ford does start production again, which isn’t likely to happen until May, the company will likely maintain no dividend until they have a margin of safety. When the dividend does return, the analyst is predicting that it will be cut by about 20 percent compared to before coronavirus hit. That would mean an annual dividend per share of about $0.48 instead of the previous $0.60 per share.

The analyst says that Ford investors should be looking for the automaker to restore the dividend sometime in roughly the next three quarters but at a reduced rate. For those looking to invest while the stock is at a low price, this may be a good time because the analyst does expect Ford stock to rebound anywhere between 29 percent and 70 percent in value over the next year compared to today’s price.

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Source: InvestorPlace

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  1. SKVAM

    Ford has lost 65 plus percent of its value in the past few years, has promised a stable dividend, then cut it, has failed to buy back shares, diluting the value of my shares. What more can go wrong? I am deeply disappointed in Ford. They promised a dividend, then went back on their word. If the stock went up, well, alright, but it is mired in the mud. DEEPLY disappointed. They have not lived up to their promises. They have lacked honor.

  2. Rugeirn Drienborough

    This isn’t reporting facts; this isn’t reporting analysis, this isn’t reporting anything at all. This is just regurgitating what somebody else wrote without adding even one sliver of value. This is lazy so-called “journalism” at its worst.

  3. Wyzckcr

    “If it isn’t broke don’t fix it”…Well, it’s Broke! Nice hype on the “Bronco” but it’s a niche vehicle, always was, always will be. You want to get out of the “can sedan look” the “Austin Martin Grill” and build cars with “Innovation”. So sad my stock value will never come back till Ford is bought and sold off for parts. I’ll expect a dividend return when Ford sells more Bronco’s then the Tesla S.

  4. williamlang

    Who will buy ford Tesla or apple ?

  5. Kater

    This turned out great.


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