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Ford F-150 Plug-In Hybrid Rumored To Offer Only 10 Miles Of EV Range

One of the things that’s so nice about plug-in hybrid vehicles today is that most of them offer some all-electric driving range. For some plug-in hybrid vehicles, that means you can do most of your daily driving without using gasoline. The more pure electric driving a plug-in-hybrid offers, the better it is for owners. We know that Ford is working on the all-electric Ford F-150 and the Ford F-150 Hybrid, there will also be a Ford F-150 plug-in hybrid. A new rumor on the all-electric driving range for the plug-in hybrid has surfaced.

The rumor tips that the F-150 plug-in hybrid “will probably exceed 10 miles” of all-electric driving range. That is a very short driving distance, and according to the rumor, that driving range is unloaded. That would mean if you have stuff in the bed or are towing a trailer, the electric range would be even less.

While the all-electric driving range may be very short, Ford will be the first to offer a plug-in hybrid for the half-ton truck market. It will reportedly put an electric motor between the turbo V-6 engine and the 10-speed automatic transmission. With a report saying that the electric driving range will probably exceed 10 miles, we’re left to guess at the exact range but expect something in the 12 to 15-mile zone.

We’d wager that anyone wanting electric driving range with their F-150 who doesn’t want to go with pure electric vehicle won’t be happy with somewhere between 10 and 15 miles of driving range on the battery. There’s certainly enough room in the F-150 to add a larger battery to get more driving range. We’d like to see the plug-in hybrid with at least 25 to 30 miles of electric driving range. If Ford can hit 30 miles, the vast majority of commuters would be able to perform their daily driving needs on electricity alone. Ten miles of range might not get an owner to the gas station and back.

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Source: Electrek

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  1. CrabbyMilton

    What a joke. Considering that we have weed eaters that only last about 15 minutes after at least a 6 hour charge, what makes them think we can build cars and trucks that will be much better?

    1. Raymond Ramirez

      Ten miles is plenty for city dwellers who live close to their destinations. and most hybrids use their electric range in slow traffic where the electric motor does most of the moving without burning gasoline. I know this as a fact because I have a 2014 Fusion Hybrid and I get only two miles of pure electric range. But I drive in a small city with heavy traffic, and I get up to 57 MPG. As for getting to the gas station, my gas station is less than 600 feet away!

      1. Raymond Ramirez

        I forgot to add that the purpose of hybrids, including some plug-ins, is to save gas. If you want more electric range, get a pure electric. I am still waiting for Ford to produce an electric midsized sedan to replace the Fusion but I might have to go with the new Mustang Mach-E.

  2. Adithya

    Why didn’t they make it a standard hybrid and make it more affordable so that fleets would buy it ? You could have an XLT hybrid model, and a high end BEV model, there is really no need for a PHEV in a truck.

  3. George S

    A hybrid design is too assist the gas engine, not provide primary power. An internal combustion engine is most inefficient at acceleration in getting the massive weight going. This is where the benefit of an electric motor plays out. When the batteries are depleted and need to be charged by the gas engine, this is when the gas engine is at its most efficient range. The range (rpm & load) is different for each engine size.

  4. Bob

    Hybrids in a pick up, what a JOKE!
    REAL men buy pick ups with gas or diesel engines, not whimpy hybrids!
    Most Millennials & Gen Z can’t even drive a stick shift. Ohhh, what’s that other pedal for?


  5. Michel Roy

    I drive 30 km to go to the office. I have access to a recharge station. So if the next f-150 do 48 km on pure electric. It cost me nothing to go to work. It will be fantastic.

    30 miles = 48 km

  6. trailhiker

    Don’t expect this to be the only choice. I’m expecting the future to bring many choices between pure gas and pure electric. I wouldn’t be surprised to see mutiple battery options on plug in hybrids.

  7. fpvfan

    A few years ago, I would have probably agreed with Bob’s comment about not having a hybrid in anything, let alone a truck, but as we progress in technology, I honestly don’t mind the though of certain hybrid vehicles such as the Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring with it’s 494hp/630lb-ft of torque which is more hp/torque that most of your V8 diesels had only a few short years ago and completely embarrass your standard V8 gas engine. Then you also have vehicles like the Acura NSX with it’s sport performance Hybrid engine producing super car performance. The problem is the fact that right now, a lot hybrid cars are limited because they have to be plugged in and they dont have a way to be regenerative at the moment. Ford has done a decent job with their ecoboost-hybrid platform with just the 3.0L V6 Ecoboost. Could you imagine what a Raptor 3.5L Ecoboost V6 would be with a hybrid setup? Insanity. As far as economy goes, people need to be realistic about fuel economy depending on what vehicle you drive. An F150 will never beat a Prius in fuel economy. If you can get anywhere between 20-25mpg on the highway with a full size pickup truck, and above 15mpg in the city, consider yourself in a good spot. Hopefully Ford will figure it out soon and get rid of all of the FWD 4-cylinder cars and move them to electric. It won’t happen for a few years out when more charging stations are present but to be honest, small cars, commercial vehicles and super duty diesel pickups should be where Ford focuses their electric market. GMC is coming out with the new Hummer electric super duty pickup truck with tremendous credentials, this should be where Ford puts its competitive efforts instead of fighting with Tesla. Doing that would definitely bump up the average MPG for the entire Ford fleet, which is what everyone is trying to do. Once you do that, the rest of the gasoline powered vehicles should have nothing but naturally aspirated and Ecoboost powered engines. As much as i love muscle cars and the sound of a V8, with the way the Ecoboost engines are, you don’t need a V8 anymore. The 3.5 can make up to 660hp and in the Ford GT, that thing sounds really good. Ford also has a 205hp 1.0L Ecoboost in a street legal Formula 1 type car in Europe that sounds amazing as well and these cars are way more efficient than a V8 powered car. Imagine any of these with a hybrid setup with a 10-speed auto or a DCT and Ford would have some amazing vehicles. Although a manual is fun at times, there is really no point to them anymore. They’re slow and inefficient and really just obsolete now.

  8. fpvfan

    Ford could literally be an unstoppable force across the globe with just five different chassis designs, the ecoboost & ecoboost hybrid powertrain family, the 7 speed DCT, the 10-speed auto and 10-speed hybrid setup, and electric motors. Just for specs, the New Mach E GT performance edition is supposed to deliver 460hp and 612lb-ft of torque and gets a ton of performance parts right from the factory. Let’s just say for a moment that Ford decides to make a more utilitarian style SUV and rename the Edge or the Escape (or both). Obviously with less horsepower and less geared towards a more performance orientation those vehicles can easily be sold globally along with a new version of the Ford Mondeo (or Fusion, whichever market your in, Personally I think it should just be the Mondeo globally but that’s just me). Vehicles like this should fill up the bulk of Ford’s vehicle lineup. Take the Transit and Transit connect and make them Electric, which isn’t a hard thing to do as European companies such as Mercedes Benz with their eVito, Street Scooter and Arrival already have electric delivery fleet on the road and they are doing well. Like I said above, a good move for Ford to make would be to make a competitor for the GMC Hummer as a super duty truck to compete with projected specs of 1,000+hp and 11,500lb-ft of torque and a projected range of 400 miles per charge along with fast charging and all. This is where electric vehicles make sense (to me). I’ve said it before this new CD6 platform and Ecoboost engines are going to really change anything Ford Performance comes out with from this point forward that’s not a body on frame vehicle. To me, the best thing Ford could do at this point is just let the Mustang name go to the Mach E, bring out a CD6 Mid-size coupe, a CD6 platform sedan, CD6 platform wagon/crossover, and a CD6 platform “mini-truck” with all Ecoboost engines and ecoboost hybrid engines and list it under the Fairlane or Falcon (the two real Ford performance vehicles) name and both the USA and Australia would be incredibly happy. Actually so would Europe because it would compete (performance wise) with a lot of other European performance sedans and also some of the older ones such as the Vauxhall VXR8. Ford is so poised to do big things it’s not even funny. The bad part about it is, they more than likely won’t do any of them and they go do something backwards as usual and leave everyone just shaking their heads.


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