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Ford Files Trademark For Fastor Charge EV Charging Network

A new trademark application has turned up that was filed for several years ago by Ford that appears to be a name for an EV charging network. The name for the charging network will be something that people either love or hate; it’s called “Fastor Charge”. Perhaps this is a name that Ford intends to use with the Mustang Mach-E performance electric vehicle when it launches.

The trademark covers the terms “Fastor Charge” and shows that it would be pronounced “faster charge” and includes the logo with the colors blue, green, and white. The trademark covers the illustration, letters, and typeset. The logo is an interesting one.

It has the word “Fastor” in blue script with a white electrical cord extending from the letter F inward. The word “Charge” is in green. The trademark was filed for charging services for electric vehicles and service locations. One interesting tidbit about this trademark application is that it was first applied for in July 2018.

In May 2019, Ford failed to respond to a request from the trademark office, and an abandonment notification was issued. In July, the trademark petition was reopened and now has been granted. The fact that Ford was granted this trademark doesn’t mean it will ever use it or offer a service under the name, but perhaps it will. We do think it would make for an interesting name for a high-performance charging network. Not long ago, Ford filed for another trademark for “G.O.A.T. Modes.”

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Source: Justia Trademarks

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  1. Jim Fordyce

    With Ford, G.M., Tesla, and all of the other battery-operated vehicles slated to come out sometime in the future I was wondering if there Was or Will Be a CENTRALIZED Charging System/Charging Ports for All Vehicles no matter what Make, Brand, or Manufacturer? Surly each Vehicle manufacturer will Not Have their Type of Charging Ports! That would nearly Impossibile to find a proper Charging Station for your specific vehicle.

  2. Don

    10000 watt battery generator can be bought for about $800 and with an adapter running in the 220 volt phase you could always get a quick extra hundred miles ,certainly enough to make it there may be home or two ways Quick Charge station


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