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Ford Mustang Hybrid With V8 Engine, All-Wheel Drive Rumored

The latest rumors surrounding the Ford Mustang sound almost surreal: a V8 engine coupled with a hybrid system driving all four wheels. The rumor, provided by UK publication Autocar, sounds about as far away from the late Lee Iacocca’s original 1964 Mustang model as it gets.

We’ve previously reported on the seemingly inevitable hybridization of the Mustang. So far, our expectations have been that such a model will arrive when the Ford completely overhauls the legendary muscle car on its new, rear-drive CD6 platform that currently underpins the all-new 2020 Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator crossovers. We also know that the next-gen Mustang will have at least one hybrid-electric variant in its lineup as well. In fact, spy shots from a year ago may have shown a (very) early prototype of the next-gen Ford Mustang Hybrid.

Ford Mustang Hybrid Prototype

The report states that the all-new, next-gen S650 Mustang will arrive during the 2022 calendar year, making it a 2023 model. That time line means that the current S550 Mustang has roughly two and a half model years remaining in its lifecycle. The Ford Flat Rock Assembly plant in Michigan will reportedly receive a $250 million investment for the all-new pony.

Ford was initially planning on  to arrive around 2020, but those plans were scrapped to bring other products to market first, such as the Mustang Mach-E.

Meanwhile, Ford is already giving the Mustang nameplate an electric variant in the forthcoming, all-new Mustang Mach-E. To that end, hybridization of the “original” Mustang doesn’t seem entirely necessary.

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Frankie's first favorite car was a 1968 Ford Mustang, and he's had a strong appreciation for the nameplate ever since. Later in his youth he became infatuated with Eleanor, thanks to Nicholas Cage's stellar performance. Frank's a real jokester, too.

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  1. FPVfan

    What to say here……I guess it’s cool. I mean, Ford has already dragged the mustang name through the mud so. At this point it’s hard to say much of anything. I know things have to evolve and change and all but, all of the run around and rumors are getting tired. At this point if Ford were to say, “Hey guys, you know what, we F’d up everything. We’re getting out of the car business and we’re going to go make refrigerators now.” It wouldn’t matter one way or another. Ford has had so many great products in the past and now nearly all of them are gone. Ford used to be a company that was great around the world, even before all of this globalization happened. But Ford lost sight of where it was going and now just jumps at anything and everything and half-asses all that it does. It makes me sad when I look at Ford vehicles it really does. They’re trying to recycle old names to stir up emotions but they destroy all of the names of good cars with the absolute trash they put out now. The Thunderbird, the Mustang Mach E , the continental, this new Bronco. It’s like the Ford Bean counters and execs are all getting together and saying “hey, let’s take our history of making legendary cars and make an absolute mockery of it.” They don’t care about their customers, their fans, followers, supporters, aftermarket supporters or anyone. It’s like they’re trying to run the company into the ground on purpose and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it. Tesla comes out and Ford reacts like a street corner whore in an alley and now Tesla is publicly embarrassing Ford with that stupid pre-production wannabe stealth fighter ugly truck it has, showing it dragging that F150 around like 3yr old girl with a rag doll! Bet they won’t do the same with GMC when it comes out with the new Hummer truck! As much as I love the mustang and the new 5.0 I wish to God Ford would get rid of it and just put the car out of it’s misery. The car is practically pointless the way it is, but Ford and its infinite wisdom decided NOT to bring the car that could have saved Ford Performance, and Ford in general, to the states! That’s right, the Australian Ford Falcon. You know, the one with the 4.0L inline turbo-6 that made 435hp and 425lb-ft of torque (overboost giving it 496hp/479tq) along with having a 5.0L V8 (which now they also have a 700hp S/C 5.0 mustang running down under as well). Wouldn’t it have made sense to take the CD6 chassis and make a global Falcon, change the Barra V6 name to an Ecoboost 4.0 since it’s turbocharged anyway, drop a 5.0L V8 under the hood and make a full size coupe, sedan, and ute body style and still keep the Explorer as the CD6 platform SUV? Especially since Ford is bringing a “mini” pickup back to the states anyway? You have a modular CD6 platform that can be conformed to Front, rear and all-wheel drive along with a plethora of decent ecoboost and V8 engines so someone please tell me why we are stuck with these pathetic piece of crap cars that Ford is continuously shoving down our throats? Why? News flash SUVs are not the only thing on the road and even if they were, the only two good SUVs ford has are the explorer and expedition, if we are talking here in the states. The Everest might not be bad, but unfortunately i don’t live in the great land down under. Ford is getting rid of another halfway decent car, the Fusion. very dumb move since Hyundai, Kia, Toyota, Honda and Nissan are all still making sedans Geniuses!!! The reasons their sedans sell is because they’re not half baked when the come out of the factory! a FWD based CD6 Fusion/Mondeo with all ecoboost power (both 4 and 6-cylinder with hybrids) would be a great idea, especially with AWD options along with a Fusion-like crossover instead of the garbage Escape and ecoboost. That baby Bronco that’s coming looks like a great opportunity to get rid of the Escape anyway, and if we have to have a small crossover SUV thing, at least bring the Puma stateside and give it an ST and RS treatment even if it has a Hybrid, just make it good! The Ecosport is ugly! The Ranger needs and entire redo to look more like the upcoming F150 and the Bronco should kick the Edge to the curb. Oh yeah, and the super duty pickups, if you want a good spot to do an electric truck, this is the place. And if you need inspirations, don’t look at Tesla, look at what GMC is about to do and follow that. Thanks! Back to the Falcon, though, just a thought, the majority of the people who buy cars, drive them on the street, very few actually track their cars. having a track capable car is nice, but a GT500 level car is absolutely unnecessary. A car like that should be a package offered on and existing car, not a model. Kind of like how Roush takes a GT and makes it a masterpiece. Yes Dodge makes 700+hp cars for the street, but the majority of the ones that get sold are the 375hp 5.7L Hemi cars and the 485hp 6.4L cars because they’re affordable and they’re customizable and they’re easy to live with. Offering a 700hp supercharged package for a GT 5.0L Level Falcon makes more sense than wasting money creating an entire model. The reason i bring up the falcon is because you can do more with the Falcon than you can with the mustang because the Falcon was a car that was offered in several body styles while the mustang was pigeonholed into just being a 2-door coupe! I know this is long but Ford just frustrates me with the dumb stuff that it does.

    1. Frankie

      FPVFan – I fell in love with the Falcon when I played the first Ford Racing game for PS2. I get the sentiment behind your (many) words.

  2. Mark L Bedel

    Well Francisco, I certainly don’t have any issues with moving the power-train initially to a hybrid status then eventually to all electric…it almost seems inevitable based on automotive trends. We all are aware of the pros and cons of purely electric vehicles currently, which have more to do with travel range; certainly not performance. The S550 platform…of which I own, is a fantastic handling platform…something that has always been a bit of weak spot not only for the Mustang but “american muscle” category vehicles. We’ve all seen the myriad of comparisons with not only it’s American counterparts, with with many vaunted European marks with whom it has fared quite well. If there is any criticism that can be levied, it would have to be with the vehicles over weight. Certainly not when compared with its American competition, but some would point this out with it’s European counterparts. In all fairness though, the European competition in many cases outpaces the Mustang in the $$$ department but a large margin. All things considered, the thing I would miss the most about a move to all electric would be the visceral experiences. Sure they can try and create a facsimile of the sound and feel of a petroleum fueled V8, but it’ll never be the same. This has been a fixture since 1964 1/2, but like all things, one has to adapt to survive, and I’d certainly rather see the Mustang survive with it’s ever evolving performance repertoire, retaining most of the markers, like a two door coupe configuration and all the other markers that project teams have tried to retain over the six model evolution, than to see it waste away into obscurity. I’ve driven my neighbors Tesla S and personally, I could certainly accept it’s power-train in a Mustang. Long live the Mustang!!!

  3. Frankie

    I might embellish an emotional response to the extinction of the sensations you describe, but ultimately I agree. What powers the vehicle is not as important as the driving experience itself – whether it be a 2.3L EcoBoost, 5.0L Coyote, battery packs, or a hybrid of sorts. Performance is performance!

  4. Roy Chiles

    The 5.0 hybrid AWD Mustang idea along with a Lincoln Continental Coach door model would be great for Ford & Lincoln brands. Hold nothing back, brake all the Rules build great cars for the American market that we want to dream about and buy. The imports clearly show the sedan market is not dead.

  5. Ford Owner

    The Mustang Hybrid will be a great car because it gives the driver four benefits that the present gas only Mustang does not:

    1. Extra performance from the electric motor added to the gas engine
    2. Higher city MPG (less gas cost) due to miles driven under the electric motor.
    3. Lesser maintenance cost due to less engine running time (longer oil change periods), and much less brake wear due to regenerative braking.
    4. No starter or alternator (and no engine drive belts) since the electric motor does the starting and generating, and all the accessories are electric (releasing all the engine power to the wheels). The engine start is silent!

    As the proud owner of a 2014 Fusion Hybrid, I get up to 54 MPG, only need one oil change a year, and after six years, that oil filter is the only part replaced ( the brake pads look like new). Mustang Hybrid owners will get all the Fusion Hybrid benefits. And present Fusion Hybrid owners can upgrade to a Mustang Hybrid if they don’t want to buy a Mustang Mach-E.

  6. FPVfan

    The truth of it all, no matter how happy or sad it may make us, is that during the course of life, everything evolves and changes. Some for the better, and some for the worse. Some things live on, and others run their course and make it to the finish line. From 1964.5 till now, the mustang has shaped the automotive world and has undergone many different phases in it’s long life. The car never really had humble beginnings as it hit the road running and hasn’t looked back since. It has shaped so many things, including my life. But to see it now, the way it is. It’s like looking at a loved one on life support and watching them die. I would rather see Ford pull the plug and let the car go while it’s still great, than to watch them bastardize the car and make it something that it was never meant to be. I would rather look back on it’s greatness, than watch it become a shell of what it used to be. The Mach E is not a Mustang, nor will it ever be. By name, yeah sure, but by merit, never. For those of you who have loved ones who are close to you. Would you actually rather spend time with them, hug them, converse with them, go for walks with them, lay with them, etc. Or would you rather interact with a hologram of them? This is the same thing. Anyone ever have a pet that they loved? To have a dog or cat from a kitten or puppy and grow up with it and all of the fun times you’ve shared, and then watch it’s health fail, or have something tragic happen to it and you watch your pet, that close and special companion that was always there, fade into nothing and limp on in pain even though it wants to get up and lick your hands or play fetch or what have you? Do you let that pet suffer or do you euthanize it? This is the same thing. To people who don’t care about cars, who are fine with driving Teslas, Priuses, Minivans and things like that and are happy with their commuter life, a car is a car, it’s an appliance like a toaster or something like that. To the enthusiasts, these kinds of cars are so much more. I would rather watch the mustang ride off into the sunset than to see it become a diluted, neutered version of itself because some boring, executive, bean counting stiff who’s only concern is “oh it gets great fuel mileage and it’s socially acceptable at the homeowners association club” says that this is the way the car should be. The mustang has been a symbol of rebellious freedom since it’s inception. That’s the point of a muscle car, that’s the point of a performance vehicle. Not to blend in and be like everything else, but to be wild and free and give a huge middle finger to the suit and tie life. They’re meant to piss off uptight people and not give a darn about fuel economy. I agree, modern muscle cars and performance cars need to be more than just a 1-dimensional car. But if that’s what Ford wants, either bring back the Torino or bring back the Falcon and let the mustang go.

  7. Stalkbroker94

    Why is everyone so negative? Things change. Deal with it. Just because something has always been one way doesn’t mean it has to stay that way or can’t be something else.

  8. Ford Owner

    “I would rather watch the mustang ride off into the sunset than to see it become a diluted, neutered version of itself..” You will die not seeing that because the Mustang can be improved in many ways, such as the Hybrid version which I fully approve, and the Mach-E which is the first electric Mustang (there will be more). Were you one of those who cried out when the Mustang II arrived in 1974 based on the Pinto? THAT was a “diluted” version, yet it is and will always be another Mustang, having won the MT COTY award that year.

    So be it! We will continue to see newer Mustangs for the rest of this century, Ford will celebrate its 100th anniversary, and you will never see that ending!

  9. Mark L Bedel

    I also agree with FPVFan. It depends on whether something, in this case a truly iconic vehicle, which if there have been many in one’s family lineage, in my case a total of 12 from a 1964 1/2 down to a 2107 GT, there are many fond memories that are associated, old, new and hopefully more to come. I won’t go into the history of the car because many already know this, but because these cars were/are special, they provide anchors for special memories that last longer than the people associated with them. Sentimental? Yes, but that is what makes something, anything special and meaningful. If you don’t have some special marker(s) in your life that does this for you…that’s okay too…but millions of us do.

  10. Spencer

    The original teaser of the “Mach 1” showed an Explorer and a Mustang convertible (oddly appears not to be a 5.0 as it has no side badge or GT logo on the trunk) going into the warehouse. After the lightning strikes (no, not the SVT Version of lightning) and the doors start to open you hear a V-8 rumble then the whooshing noise of this “Mach” vehicle. Many have said it was changed to the Mach E after complaints but I don’t believe Ford ever officially confirmed that. So, is it possible the Mach E was always the name and the Mach 1 is a traditional Mustang with this electrified engine platform? Just make the electric version of any Ford a Mach….so we can have a Mach F-150 too! This theory doesn’t explain why they insisted on keeping the Mach E a “Mustang.” Just some thoughts to chew on.


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