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Ford Mustang Races Another Mustang And A Dodge Challenger, Then Crashes: Video

We may be in the midst of a global crisis, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the world, global and local economies, and on people’s lifestyles, but that still isn’t enough to curb risky behavior. If anything, the crisis actually seems to be perpetuating it, as seen in this recently uploaded footage that shows the driver of a Ford Mustang double-down on stupid.

The clip starts out with clearing smoke and obnoxious revs as two S550 Ford Mustangs – one black that appears to be a 5.0 GT, one white (also a 5.0 GT model) – plus a red Dodge Challenger sit at a red light. About 10 seconds into the video, the cheerleading recorder gleefully says, “go again, go again!” It doesn’t take much to put two and two together here.

The light turns green, and the Challenger and white Mustang bolt off the line – the line that’s meant to protect pedestrians and bicyclists, mind you. After putting on a little smoke show, the driver of the black Ford Mustang sent them bald eagles soarin’… straight into a guard rail.

It’s a pitiful site to see, and we almost feel bad for the driver, who seemingly succumbed to his (or her) hubris. Unfortunately, this doesn’t do any favors for the already-stigmatized Mustang driver stereotype.

Ford Mustang crash

It was at this moment that the Ford Mustang driver knew they had messed up.

We encourage folks to show this footage to all the young (and older, “free-footed”) drivers to gently remind them that there are consequences for doing dumb things. And if you’re an onlooker, perhaps it’s best to not rub the belly of the beast, so to speak, and provoke such behavior.

For those who care, it looks like the Dodge Challenger seems to have won the “race”. (Disclaimer: this is a joke.)

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Frankie's first favorite car was a 1968 Ford Mustang, and he's had a strong appreciation for the nameplate ever since. Later in his youth he became infatuated with Eleanor, thanks to Nicholas Cage's stellar performance. Frank's a real jokester, too.

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  1. Mark L Bedel

    Francisco, my wife and I are continually amazed at the seemingly unchanged number of crashes we see on the local news, given the fact that traffic is virtually nonexistent here in the Pittsburgh area! My theory is that the combination of ever increasing numbers of poor drivers, let’s face it, they really are, (translate poorly skilled and distracted), is now validated. Another factor may be that these new performance vehicles even with all the safety technology are way more powerful than just even ten years ago. Put these two things together, and this is probably what you’ll get.

    1. Alex Luft

      Another issue is lack of skill in driving performance vehicles… hence why the behavior seen in this video should never take place on a public/open road but rather on a closed course. It’s really sad that the “racing” seen in the video took place place with so many cars on the road behind them.

  2. Isabella

    We also see so many wrecks in Houston, yet there are 1/4 of the cars on the roads. My 45 minute drive to work is now back to 25 minutes like it was 14 years ago. I joke (seriously) that I hope companies that have employees working from home to continue the practice to keep traffic down.
    But this kind of racing happens even when the number of car numbers are at the levels before the pandemic. I only drive a V6 Camaro and am challenged often at a light, but I don’t bite. (I’m older and smarter lol). My husband has a ZL1 but never bites on the taunting, he knows what his car is capable of, doesn’t need to prove it.
    These “racers”, I use that term loosely, don’t know how to handle their cars and shouldn’t be doing it. That’s what tracks are for. I see too many deadly accidents on the news with innocent people being affected. And what about the idiot with his door open trying to record it. smdh

  3. George S

    A saying during the muscle car days of the 60’s & 70’s, “more horsepower than brains”. It wasn’t only the EPA and new gov’t standards, the auto insurance industry with outrageous increases in the rates help kill the muscle cars. Then us baby boomers were getting a little older and wiser, with kids, the wife won as what vehicle would be the family buggy. Around 1975 is when the insurance industry switched to six month policies so they could drop the bad drivers with a high claim rates.
    It’s just a new generation will have to learn that US made high powered cars are only good for straight and fast. In the video you can see the Mustang driver adjusted for the vehicle wanting to merge and the Mustang lost it.


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