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Ford Supplier GDC Is Producing Filtration Media Materials For Ford

Ford is working on making multiple types of protective medical equipment to help fight the coronavirus pandemic. Ford has already delivered 40,000 N95 masks, among other personal protective equipment (PPE), and continues to work to produce more. A Ford supplier called GDC has announced that it is currently conducting PPE operations and that it believes these operations could help offset its recent layoffs. Ford supplier GDC is an automotive components and materials manufacture and is currently making filtration media.

The filtration media that the company is manufacturing is being used by both Ford and GM. Last month, GDC laid off 300 employees due to the coronavirus pandemic. The company says as the pandemic unfolded, it was concerned and met with local healthcare workers to find out how it can utilize production and engineering to help. GDC is now repurposing its operations to manufacture PPE materials noting that there is a surging demand for the items.

While the company laid off 300 employees, it says that its PPE operations have allowed it to call back approximately 30 employees to meet the demand. GDC says that when the company started, the goal was to make 4000 face shields per day, and now it’s up to 30,000. As operations continue, it plans to bring back additional employees.

The company notes a significant concern is the health and well-being of all of its employees that are working there, so the company is following strict guidelines. GDC doesn’t say precisely what the strict guidelines are. Presumably, it’s following the same guidelines Ford and the UAW are following with social distancing, protective equipment for employees, and increased sanitation procedures.

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Source: Indiana Business

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