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Lincoln MKZ Sales Trail Lexus ES Substantially In Q1 2020

Lincoln MKZ sales decreased in the United States, Mexico and South Korea during the first quarter of 2020.

Lincoln MKZ Sales - Q1 2020 - United States

In the United States, Lincoln MKZ deliveries totaled 3,482 units in Q1 2020, a decrease of about 19 percent compared to 4,287 units sold in Q1 2019.
MODEL Q1 2020 / Q1 2019 Q1 2020 Q1 2019
MKZ -18.78% 3,482 4,287

Lincoln MKZ Sales - Q1 2020 - Mexico

In Mexico, Lincoln MKZ deliveries totaled 15 units in Q1 2020, a decrease of about 58 percent compared to 36 units sold in Q1 2019.
MODEL Q1 2020 / Q1 2019 Q1 2020 Q1 2019
MKZ -58.33% 15 36

Lincoln MKZ Sales - Q1 2020 - South Korea

In South Korea, Lincoln MKZ deliveries totaled 112 units in Q1 2020, a decrease of about 38 percent compared to 181 units sold in Q1 2019.
MODEL Q1 2020 / Q1 2019 Q1 2020 Q1 2019
MKZ -38.12% 112 181

Competitive Sales Comparison

Lincoln MKZ sales during the first quarter of 2020 places the midsize luxury sedan to second place in its competitive set, behind the Lexus ES and ahead of its cross-town rival, the Buick LaCrosse (see Buick LaCrosse sales), which was discontinued last year.

The MKZ saw segment share of 27 percent, significantly behind the 72 percent held by the Lexus ES, which was overhauled as an all-new model just last year. Sales of both models fell by nearly 19 percent each during the quarter.

Sales Numbers - Large Premium Comfort Sedans - Q1 2020 - United States

MODEL Q1 20 / Q1 19 Q1 20 Q1 19 Q1 20 SHARE Q1 19 SHARE
LEXUS ES -18.81% 9,247 11,390 72% 61%
LINCOLN MKZ -18.78% 3,482 4,287 27% 23%
BUICK LACROSSE -95.24% 138 2,902 1% 16%
TOTAL -30.74% 12,867 18,579

The midsize premium comfort sedan segment contracted 31 percent to 12,867 units during Q1 2020.

The Ford Authority Take

The decrease in Lincoln MKZ sales isn’t surprising for two particular reasons. First, consumers continue to shift away from sedans and toward utility vehicle (CUVs and SUVs). Second, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that hit the U.S. during the quarter had a negative impact on production and sales volume during the quarter.

Going forward, we expect MKZ deliveries to continue at their current, depressed pace so long as the crossover craze continues and Lexus continues to deliver healthy levels of competition in this segment.

The MKZ will be discontinued once the 2020 model year runs out. Ford vehicle production across North America currently idled as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. As such, if production at the Ford Hermosillo plant in Mexico doesn’t resume soon, the last Lincoln MKZ may have already been built.

About The Numbers

  • All percent change figures compared to Lincoln MKZ Q1 2019 sales
  • In the United States, there were 76 selling days in Q1 2020 and 76 selling days in Q1 2019

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  1. Kevin Wilcoxon

    Just bought a new black MKZ with the adobe interior. Loving it.

    1. Alex Luft

      They’re great and comfortable cars. It’s a shame what’s taking place with sedans nowadays.

      1. Alex Luft

        Did you cross-shop the MKZ with any other models, Kevin?

        1. Kevin Wilcoxon

          I did some comparisons online but it was the MKZ profile and rear end that had me hooked. The front is OK too. I owned two MKZ in prior years so there was a built-in bias.

  2. Roy Chiles

    The Lincoln MKZ which should have been renamed Zephyr and up dated with its own look “ Identity” is a huge mistake of Lincoln’s power that be. This model can easily out sell the Lexus ES and be a Leader in it class done ✅ right. This car is much needed in the Lincoln line up as the FWD/AWD model alone with the Lincoln Continental that should be the RWD sedan for the brand, Lincoln should have 2 Beautiful Sedans and 2 BadAss Coupes because it is an American Luxury Car Maker, Right???

  3. Ceilidh

    I also bought a new black MKZ, an AWD 3.0 twin turbo, Reserve II. This one is my second. I loved my 2016, which was also an AWD V6 Reserve, but this car is exceptional. It has a completely different character, which was a pleasant and unexpected surprise. It’s an absolute pleasure to drive, truly a well-mannered hot-rod Lincoln. Aside from the performance itself, the sound system is the best I’ve ever heard, period. Better than studio reference monitors and better than standing on the stage with your favorite artist (something I can honestly say I’ve done more times than I can count – I love music as much as I love cars). For what it’s worth, my dad has the big Lexus, not the ES. He’s a retired race driver who raced in the Indy 500 several times. And without fail, when he comes to stay with me, my car is gone before I know it and I’m left with the keys to his Lexus.


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