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These Ford GT40 Rendering Show A Car Ready To Tame Fury Road

The Ford GT40 is an iconic racing car and street performance car that Ford designed in the 1960s. The car was a very important vehicle for the automaker and helped it to win Le Mans. The car seen in the renderings in the Instagram post below is very far from what Ford dreamed up back in the ’60s.

The trio of Ford GT40 renderings was designed by yasiddesign and shows a vehicle that has the body of the racing car on a lift frame of an off-roader. It appears that the fenders are a bit wider than a real GT40, and the front hood is missing with an off-road spare tire in the cubby underneath.

In the rear, the glass covering the Ford V-8 is permanently propped up, and the car has an interesting split spoiler design. The front of the vehicle has a bumper that appears to be meant to keep the car from flipping over, going over rough terrain, and high-speed. There are plenty of additional lights attached to the vehicle both on the front bumper and at the windshield header.

The car looks extremely cool, and the designer says that it may appear apocalyptic, but it isn’t. The designer says this is just another look at the Ford GT40. The back of the car looks equally sinister with some sort of custom rear bumper and exhaust pipes that come straight up out of the bodywork. We like renderings like these. What do you think? We wish someone would build one of these, albeit with a kit car, not a legitimate GT40.

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Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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    just goes to show what you can do if the only tool you have is a hammer.

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