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This Incredibly Clean And Original 1992 Ford Bronco Has Only 2002 Miles

It’s not common to find a desirable vehicle like this 1992 Ford Bronco that has low miles and is all original. That is precisely what we have here in the form of this 1992 Ford Bronco. It’s a base model Bronco with manual windows and locks and manual transmission. Those features will be a plus for some buyers. One of the key features of this particular 1992 Ford Bronco that is available on eBay is that it has only 2002 original miles on the odometer.

Anyone hoping for a V-8 engine under the hood will be disappointed. This particular Bronco has the 4.9-liter six-cylinder engine backed up with the previously mentioned manual transmission. The seller says that the Bronco is 100 percent original with all original paint and no rust anywhere. The vehicle is said to be like brand-new and museum quality.

The outside of the vehicle is Shadow Blue Metallic, and the images show that the paint appears to be in new condition. The vehicle was supposedly stored in a climate-controlled garage its entire life and comes with receipts for oil and filter changes through the years, The Bronco does have a fiberglass top that is removable for open-air cruising if desired. There appear to be no mars or imperfections on the top, and we rather wonder if the top was ever removed. The interior is basic gray vinyl, and it appears that the floor is covered in gray vinyl as well.

This is a base model 1992 Bronco is immaculate.

As clean as this 1992 Bronco is, we wonder if it’s ever been off-road. It does have four-wheel-drive, as evidenced by the locking hubs and shift lever for moving the vehicle into the four-wheel-drive mode. The Bronco is currently up for auction on eBay with the bid as of writing at almost $27,000. However, the reserve is not yet met and the auction ends at 6 PM today. Did you know the Bronco was nearly called the Wrangler?

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Source: eBay

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  1. Dave Mathers

    If I were picking a venue to photograph a vehicle to sell I really think I would stay away from a cemetery!!! LOL

  2. philip tilley

    Lovely vehicle and don’t be pickee Lol.


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