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Ford Fusion Production Scheduled To End In July: Exclusive

We’ve known for some time now that Ford was planning to stop producing and selling passenger cars in North America, except for the Ford Mustang. Unfortunately, the plan also includes discontinuing the Ford Fusion, which we learned last summer would remain in production until some point in 2020, with 2020 becoming its final model year. Now, Ford Authority has learned the exact details and dates surrounding the end of Ford Fusion production in North America.

Ford Fusions at Ford Hermosillo Plant in Mexico

Ford Fusions at Ford Hermosillo Plant in Mexico

The Ford Fusion is the last Blue Oval car currently in production in North America following the departure of the Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus, and Ford Taurus. The last day to submit an order for all 2020 Ford Fusion models was February 28th.

Meanwhile, the last Fusion Police car will roll off the line at the Ford Hermosillo plant in Mexico will be June 5th, 2020. Meanwhile, the last day that the retail-market Fusion will be produced will be July 31st.

These dates are current, but as we’ve already seen many times over, they could be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s quite possible that Fusion production could receive a slight extension to finalize the 2020 model year as a result of production delays associated with the virus. Currently, Ford’s Mexican plants are eyeing May 18th as a potential reopening date.

Looking ahead, Ford is planning on replacing the Fusion in North America with a wagon-like crossover over the next few years, though it’s a bit unclear how that model will differ from the current Ford Edge or Ford Explorer, both of which can be described as wagon-like crossovers. Spy shots of an early, cobbled-together mule from last fall showed a high-riding wagon of sorts, something in the mold of the Subaru Outback.

An early developmental mule of the next-generation Ford Fusion, put together from part of the new Ford Focus, captured in October 2019

An early developmental mule of the next-generation Ford Fusion, put together from part of the new Ford Focus, captured in October 2019

As for when the wagon-crossover-like next-gen Fusion replacement will arrive, whispers heard by Ford Authority specify a 2022-2023 calendar year timeframe. Previous rumors suggested a 2021 release, but we don’t think that timetable will hold up given the vehicle’s current stage of development as well as complications caused by COVID-19. Regardless, the next-gen Fusion will be sold globally, not just in North America.

Update: FoMoCo’s original plans involved ending production on July 30th, 2020. However, production ended on July 31st, 2020.

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  1. Tom

    Ford will rue the day they decided to cease being in the car business. Worst business decision I have ever seen. Pickup trucks and large SUV’s are a scourge on the road. Most ridiculous vehicles to drive for everyday transportation imaginable. Once people begin to realize this Ford will be left in the dust..

    1. Nick

      Could not agree more. I find it comical how both GM and Ford always manage to take “ easy way out” sedan sales have dropped in general with every brand but the issue here is GM and Fords lack if will to build a quality reliable car and I think they had something special with Fusion ….. finally. Sedans are cut throat segment with so many competitors so instead making those cars better both GM and Ford both just decided to give up . Ssme thing over and over

    2. Roger H

      So sorry to see the Fusion, Focus, Fiesta and Taurus go away. I think its a big marketing error to only have the Mustang and now they ruining that name by making a 4 door E-car. Ford needs to replace the current CEO. Autos are not furniture. I see dark days ahead for Ford, there are people who want cars, look at Honda & Toyota, Nissan and Kia. Ford is just going to give up that market share for what ? A new mini pick-up? Then a new Bronco, where are all these going to fit? Competition with in ones own market.


        I have no problem with this this poorly managed company self destructing. Bill Ford Jr is not smart enough to fire the inexperienced unqualified furniture guy.

  2. trailhiker

    Times change, and a wagon like vehicle is always more useful. I have a Fusion now, and it is a great car, but I wish it was offered as a hatchback and wagon. I will keep my Fusion for years, but when I replace it, I want something that suits my hobbies better. By then, the replacement for the Fusion will be out, and if it doesn’t follow the styling of the Escape, I would consider it.

  3. Mark L Bedel

    Get ‘um while you can! I think the wagon idea is great…always liked a well thought out, well designed wagon, especially one with performance goodies! I’ll never understand why everyone thinks higher is better though…physics says the higher you go, the less stable the vehicle becomes…oh, that’s right…we do go “off-road” as well…polls show otherwise…

  4. Raymond Ramirez

    I have a 2014 Fusion Hybrid SE sedan and it is my best car, even better than all the GM vehicles I had before. After five years, the only part replaced under normal service is the oil filter during the once a year oil change. Everything else, including the Goodyear tires, are still the factory originals. It had three recalls (steering and doors), but I have not needed any special maintenance or servicing, and I get up to 54 MPG, with an average of 38 MPG every month. I fill its 12-gallon tank once every two months. No other vehicle, either Ford or GM, has given me such satisfaction, comfort, enjoyment, and economy.

    Ford is making a terrible mistake letting the Fusion go. It could had evolved into a sportier design (its baseline was the Aston Martin) and become a second sports sedan after the smaller Mustang. I do hope Ford will reconsider and keep it in production, eventually evolving into a new electric sedan that can compete with the Tesla Model S for much lower cost.

  5. Adithya Ramachandran

    I have mentioned many times that this business decision needs to be reconsidered. Why were they not able to make money on a vehicle that costs as much as the Escape and sells in similar volume ? Yes the Fusion does need a more appealing interior and materials, but was it really worth Killing ? It sold more than the Sonata, Malibu, and Passat, and if the other companies are able to break even in what is still a significant segment, why couldn’t Ford ? I have many Coworkers at Ford who drive a fusion, and most of them are sad to see it go.

  6. FordBlue

    Bad decision. Do not see how you can give away an entire market segment like this. Seems like US Companies are always making decisions for the short run and it always comes back to bite them.

  7. Don

    Hard to believe Ford is ending the Fusion. I decided to move back from an Escape to a sedan that offered some luxury and performance. I shopped my local Ford dealership hoping to find a new leftover SHO or Fusion Sport. They had some attractive decent priced Fusion platinums that fit my Luxury requirements, but not the performance I was looking for. I visited my local Hyundai, Kia, Honda, Toyota and FCA dealerships. I ended up purchasing a demo Chrysler 300C. It’s old design is still stately and differed from the cookie cutter sedans I had test driven. It had more luxury with the Napa leather than the Dodge Charger and still offered the performance I was looking for at an amazing price. So instead of driving a Ford. I’m driving a Chrysler. if I wanted another SUV. It would be Ford. The fusion should have remained, redesigned using the new rear wheel drive Explorer platform and adding an ST version to compete with Dodge and even my Hemi Chrysler. A big mistake not keeping one sedan (Fusion) available for the person wanting a solid sedan.

  8. A C

    I reside in the UK and I think Ford Europe have given up too. Our version is called Mondeo and there is little information on the website. I see few of them on the road and the competitors such as VW, Kia, Hyundai, Mercedes, will step in to mop up the market. Note That in Europe there are three variants: Saloon, hatchback and estate.


    Does this poorly managed company expect this new model whatever its called to outsell the Fusion? Looking forward to a $3.00/share by 12/1/2020

    1. Roger H

      The new model is another mini truck smaller than the Ranger, to be called Maverick or Courier. yeah like we need another mint truck. again I say, Ford needs to replace the current CEO. Autos are not furniture that’s all that guy knows and he shows it.

  10. Joe Yoman

    LOL they actually think a Fusion wagon is going to outsell the current sedan. Worked out real well at GM with the Tour X eh?

  11. Joe Yoman

    Yeah because the wagon called Tour x sold so well over at Buick. They actually think this will outsell the current sedan?

  12. Ronald Corey

    First this:
    “CUV’s” ARE CARS!
    The reason most people TRULY stopped buying sedans was because the anemic trunk space and near-useless trunk-lid designs that made even decent cargo volumes inaccessible to many items that used to easily fit into sedan trunks of the past.

  13. Dave

    I have always loved the looks and utility of the Mondeo Estate. If it had been offered here a few years ago, it would be sitting in my driveway instead of a Camry.


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