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Ford Maverick Name To Grace Upcoming Small Pickup

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Back in 2018, Ford Authority exclusively reported that Ford Motor Company began developing a small unibody pickup that would slot underneath the Ford Ranger. Up to this point, we have been referring to this vehicle as the Ford Courier, a name previously used by Ford in South America, with Ford also filing to trademark the Courier name in the U.S. in July of 2018. But now, new information suggests that the upcoming compact pickup will actually be called Ford Maverick.

An anonymous tipster sent information to TFL Car confirming that Ford has decided to use the Maverick name on the upcoming unibody pickup truck. Besides Courier, the Ranchero nameplate was also rumored to be amongst the names considered for the upcoming small Ford pickup. Ranchero was previously used for Ford’s low-to-the-ground, car-based pickups that today enjoy a certain amount of collectability and nostalgia. Meanwhile, the Maverick name was used on a compact Ford model back in the ’70s.

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Earlier this week, we reported that the compact Ford pickup we now know as the Maverick will share styling cues with the upcoming Bronco Sport, which itself will feature three grille treatments much like the larger Ford Bronco. And despite its car-based roots and no defining bed line – as the cab will flow into the bed – the Ford Maverick will feature a squared-off and rugged exterior design.

Based on the Ford C2 platform underpinning the 2019 Ford Focus (unavailable in North American markets), the 2020 Ford Escape / Kuga, the 2021 Lincoln Corsair, and the upcoming Ford Bronco Sport, the Ford Maverick is expected to be offered with two small-displacement Ford EcoBoost engines – the turbo-charged 1.5L EcoBoost I-3 “Dragon” as well as Ford’s ubiquitous turbo-charged 2.0L EcoBoost I-4.

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The engines will be mounted transversely, and shifting will likely be done by Ford’s new eight-speed automatic transmission. Front-wheel-drive will be standard, and all-wheel-drive could be offered as an option. The same general powertrain lineup is expected to be found on the aforementioned Bronco Sport.

In a virtually car-less line-up in North America, Ford is aiming to fulfill global customer demand for SUVs and trucks – and its statement about not discontinuing the car, but rather reinventing it, is beginning to make more sense than ever.

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Written by Evan Rothman

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  1. We who remember (and driven) the Ford Maverick of the 1970’s see this as a mistake, because a “Maverick” is a horse without a brand or owner (wild), so it is a better name for a Mustang-type of sports car., not a pickup.

    • I doubt that this is the association most people have with that name. To most people, it’s a new name.

  2. Since Ford does not make cars anymore, pick up trucks and suv’s make them money. They have the little Ecosport, Escape, Edge, Explorer and Expedition SUV’s and only the mid size and full size pick up trucks. These trucks are great for work and play but less so for city use, to park in smaller parking lots.
    A small pick up would be great for gas mileage, shopping for groceries, seats 4 comfortably, going to Home Depot for light jobs, (a few bags of soil, some plants), it would easier to park in the garage, easier to get in/out of, running boards not needed to climb up into the truck and more maneuverable around town and it will lower priced than the bigger trucks. I still see a lot of the older small pick ups from Ford, Mazda, Nissan and Toyota and there is a niche market for this and might be the next trend.

  3. Maverick would work the name hasn’t been used in over 44yrs hopefully done right the little pickup will have a greater following than the car did the top model should be a 2022 Sporty Focus RS The Ranchero name needs to be reserved for the Explorer platform car base truck with EcoBoost 4, 5.0, EV models with Auto & Standard Shift Transmissions. That will be the fun to model that I would buy, my uncle had a 78 Ranchero GT I wanted that truck

    • YES! Lower one with that powertrain and we would have another option for autox! Expensive autox,that is.

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