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Ford Mustang Driver Thinks Pursuing Police ‘Want To Race’ On 120 MPH Jaunt

We’ve all seen those comical videos depicting drivers who mistake police officers in unmarked cars for fellow street racers, only to find out the hard way that they don’t, in fact, want to race them. But we can’t imagine what one Ford Mustang driver was thinking while barreling down Interstate 90 in Elkhart County, Indiana recently. According to Fox News, the Ford Mustang driver was enjoying a good-ol’ 120 mile-per-hour jaunt on the road before leading police on a wild, 25-mile chase because he thought that they “wanted to race.”

Though we’ve seen quite a few examples of ultra-speeders lately as the majority of the population shelters in place amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the story of this Ford Mustang driver might just take the proverbial cake.

It all started when Indiana State Police troopers spotted the car speeding down the interstate, at which point they attempted to pull it over. But when they were finally able to catch up with the Mustang, the driver turned off his lights and kept tooling along at speeds exceeding 100 miles-per-hour.

The police were forced to call in for help, but even a stop stick attempt failed when the Ford Mustang driver swerved around it. He couldn’t evade a second try, however, and a flat tire promptly ended his wild ride. At that point, the driver simply gave up peacefully and without incident. But the best part of this story was yet to come.

When asked why he ran from the authorities, the Ford Mustang driver told them that he thought they wanted to race him. Now, we’ve never seen street racers in cars with lights and sirens, or ones that deploy stop sticks… but who knows? Maybe this is some new trend that we just haven’t caught on to yet.

Obviously, law enforcement didn’t buy the driver’s far-fetched story. Instead, they charged him with resisting law enforcement with a vehicle, reckless driving, and numerous other moving violations. So let this be a lesson – police never want to race you, no matter how eager they may seem to catch up to you when you’re barreling down the highway.

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  1. Mark McGee

    Hello Ford Authority staffers;
    Quick question don’t know if you can even answer yet;
    I have had an order in for a Shelby GT 350 since December, it was scheduled to be built the week of April 6th with a VIN already assigned. Do you think the car will get built and delivered once the plant restarts production?

    1. Rory Hamlin

      If it makes before the 2020 model year cutoff, then yes… but it depends on what they prioritize on building.

      I do think that they will fulfill all existing customer orders as placed by dealers before switching production.

  2. David Pickford

    I’d dispute the claim Police don’t want to drag race; back in the 1990s l regularly raced State police vehicles, sometimes winning sometimes not. Now just to clarify things; I was a Federal officer driving a high performance Nissan Skyline police pack good for about 150kw whilst the State police drove GM Holden Commodores with the Buick V6 or with the same Nissan motor as in my car but in standard trim at 114kw or the Ford Falcon with a 3.9 litre straight six good for about 140kw. Many days I’d call on air as I was heading to work and if a State officer was heading the same way via the back ocean road we’d meet up and race. Fun times sadly well past now.


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