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Ford Super Duty Fuel Pumps Are Defective, Claims New Class Action Lawsuit

A new class action lawsuit has been filed against Ford Motor Company in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, and it’s one that Ford Super Duty owners will want to take note of. The complaint, Nunez, et al., v. Ford Motor Companyalleges that 2011-present Ford Super Duty fuel pumps in trucks equipped with the 6.7-liter Power Stroke diesel engines are defective. The Bosch CP4 high-pressure fuel injection pumps reportedly can’t handle U.S. diesel fuel specifications, allegedly leading to a number of problems.

According to the lawsuit, this particular Ford Super Duty fuel pump suffers from lubrication and water content problems, which forces the pumps to run dry and causes metal to rub against metal. This metal-to-metal contact occurs because of air pockets that form inside the pumps while they are operating.

Over time, metal shavings and debris from the fuel pumps make their way into the fuel injection systems and into the engines themselves, which leads to a number of issues, including fuel pump failure and even total engine failure.

Bosch’s CP4 fuel pumps have been a great success in European markets, thanks to their ability to achieve greater fuel efficiency by pumping less fuel through the engines. But the class action lawsuit alleges that cleaner U.S. diesel fuel causes the fuel pumps to operate outside of specification and causes inadequate lubrication.

“Consumers are left with repair bills that range from $8,000 to $20,000 per vehicle,” the lawsuit alleges. “Some victims of Ford’s grand scam are American businesses who own several vehicles and have suffered multiple failures.” The suit also claims that Ford knew that these fuel pumps wouldn’t work properly due to differences in American diesel fuel quality.

The issues described reportedly began to arise as far back as the ’90s when cleaner diesel standards were first implemented in the U.S. The Truck & Engine Manufacturers Association acknowledged back in 2002 that the lower lubricity of American diesel fuel could cause fuel injection system component failures in pumps manufactured for European diesel specifications.

You can bet that this won’t be the last we hear of these Ford Super Duty fuel pump problems. But with any luck, we’ll soon find some clarity on the problem and perhaps a viable solution for owners that have experienced it.

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  1. Ryan

    The ultra low sulfer fuel is horrible. Bad lubrication and very expensive. And it’s so silly, we pay extra to have the fuel ‘cleaned’, and then spend even more money on Power Service or Lucas to add all that stuff right back into the fuel…

    1. The Gentle Grizzly

      It strikes me as very strange that Europe has even stricter standards than ours, but they can make a fuel injection pump that lasts. The low-sulphur fuel excuse is worn out.

  2. GaryB

    Wow these lawsuits are coming in nonstop. I am starting to worry for FoMC. how many more of these lawsuits can Ford afford?

  3. Michael Fornetti

    Certain year duramax also have the same problem.

  4. Liam Parkki

    Should be suing Bosch..not Ford.

  5. Harvey

    First of all the U.S. must be producing fuel that meets the current cleanliness standards, not to the standards of 1990! ; the same as current emissions requirements, but that is not happening; Time to sue the fuel standards to become compliant. This is not Bosch’s problem whatsoever! This is the EPA’s problem, because they are taking the lubricity out of the fuel, so the engines can meet the extremely severely overly ridiculous emissions requirements of today.

    1. Jordon

      What’s the phone number I call

  6. RP

    Ford knows this problem has existed for many years and has refused to acknowledge it. Insurers were, or are, considering a class action suit against Ford, as well, because of all the claims they have paid as a result of Ford’s assertion of “fuel contamination” – water in the fuel. Fuel Contamination is usually covered under a US auto insurance policy’s COMPREHENSIVE coverage. Insurers have paid millions to perform these body-off repairs. Ford needs to be held accountable.

    1. The Gentle Grizzly

      The diesels I am familiar with have a water separator in the fuel line. I think even my step-dad’s Oldsmobile diesel (yes, yes, I know…) had a water separator.

      Where is Ford’s?

  7. Michael Fornetti

    This is exactly why I would never buy a diesel from any manufacturer.
    They all have excessive cost and maintenance requirements related to US cold start emission standards and the lack of lubricity in the fuels with low sulfur content.
    Ford is not alone with this issue.

  8. Scott

    My 2020 F250 Lariat 6.7L turbo diesel – 7 months old with 7,500 miles – has been at my local Ford dealer for 4 weeks after it simply died while driving down the road and wouldn’t restart. After attempting several fixes, I’m told today that the injection pump has failed and caused metal shavings in the fuel delivery system, that Ford is going to have to replace the entire fuel delivery system. No clue how long that will take but, again, 7 months old with 1 of those months spent at the dealership. And then I find this article. Really, really (really!) frustrated.

    1. Christin

      We have a 2017 f350 going through a similar issue- only 22,000 miles. FORD is saying it is not covered on warranty and our auto insurance is not covering it as they believe it’s not “contaminated gas” that caused it. we are stuck with $12,000 in a bill and a truck that won’t run.

    2. Christin James

      Are they covering yours on warranty?

    3. Dave Symes

      Scott, I was on my way to Allagash Maine for a moose hunt, hauling my 32’ 5th wheel camper behind my 2011 F-350 when it went into “low power mode”. Shortly after, it died and wouldn’t restart. That was October 10th and today is November 2nd. The truck got towed, with camper attached, to Whited Ford in Presque Isle, Maine. I have talked extensively with service dept. and they say it’s almost fixed. I was told the fuel pump failed and a complete fuel system replacement was the only fix, to the time of about 7 grand. Dealer said there was about 190 fuel replacement kits on back order. They found one online somewhere in the country. Wish you luck with your vehicle. I am fast becoming a disgruntled Ford owner !!

      1. The Gentle Grizzly

        That may fuel system replacement kits backordered should tell you something.

    4. Tamarra Eck

      Our 2019 Ford F-350 was at a local dealership for over 6 months! It had less that 20,000 miles on it and Ford used the contaminated fuel excuse. We were traveling in a group with all 4 major auto brands represented and no one else had any problems. But wait! None of them had the CP4 pump! We finally gave up and bought a 2020 Chevy from a dealer who worked with us and took the Ford from us sight unseen based on our word. No more Ford junk for us!

    5. Matt

      Ya didn’t pour the def in the fuel tank did ya? ; p

  9. Richard L Underwood

    Rick October 26 2020 8:pm 2017 f 350 lariat. We are going though same problem. there was no contaminated fuel. it just turned 90000. We had pulled in to a RV park in the desert 20 miles out Winslow AZ for the night. The next morning it wouldn’t start we call every one in the area and no one works on small trucks. We finally got a hold of Winslow ford and they agreed to look at it. after a week they found that the high pressure pump was out, they did contact ford and the good news they will warranty the bad news its back ordered with no ship date . we are full time RVs and here we are. this truck is a really good truck we loved it but take warning, i hope Ford will follow up with this.

    1. Christin James

      Did they say there was metal shavings due to the pump failure?

  10. Michael Fornetti

    I just ordered a F350 DRW with the 7.3L gas motor and 10 speed.
    It is rated to tow 21,000# conventional and 5th wheel trailer.
    It has the 4:30 axle ratio.
    The Ford diesel fuel pump operates at 36,000psi and fires 8 times per piston stroke, way too complicated in my opinion. Silverado and Ram have similar systems and problems.
    There is no justification for a diesel, in my opinion and I also saved $10,000 on the purchase.

  11. dusty

    I have a 2014 f-250 and 2 days ago went to crank it with no luck the truck has 116 k miles on it so I had it towed to a Diesel shop and they found the steel shavings and changed filters but Ford said it would coast between 9k to 10k dollars to get it flushed and running.I’m upset had Fords for years but the last one was really garbage,2007 f-250, 6.0 I think Ford has to fix there problems or lose there customers.

  12. Dino

    I have a 2012 F250 Super Duty that just experienced this problem. After doing a little research, I’m very disappointed in Ford for not having a recall and having a fix to their terrible design flaw.

  13. Ina Brewer

    We have aF250 2014 with 92,000 miles Its stuck in TX and were in CA could not get into a
    Ford dealer. So its in a diesel tuck repair they said it would cost $8500 to fix
    Can’t find out if its covered on the warranty.
    Is there anyone out that can give me some information on this problem.

    1. Christin James

      Our experience with FORD is that they deny it being covered under warranty. Check in with the BBB in your area on if they have a BBB Auto Line program where you can dispute it if they say no to warranty coverage.

  14. Cindy

    I just bought a Ford diesel transit work vehicle has 23000 miles went in the shop in February to replace fuel pump and yes said metal shavings in it. My busiest time of year is Christmas well oct comes and fuel pump issue again same thing parts on back order until December 30th. So I’m out of income the weeks I make my most income. Going to call my attorney after reading all this

  15. Ina Brewer

    We have a F250 2014 with 93,000 miles.
    Just spent $11,000 to have the whole fuel
    System replaced.
    They told us it have water in the diesel
    And metal shavings in fuel filter.
    It was still under 100,000 but older than 5 years so no warranty.

  16. Wilfredo Villanueva

    2013 F-450 Regular pickup, just went into the dealer metal contamination in the tank system, Fuel pump exploit, and now metals all over, I have a warranty, ESP, but was denied they said water contamination, there is corrosion, now what? 10 plus thousands to spend! the truck is Under 50,000 miles, i File a complaint with Attorney General Office, and I am planning to reach out to some local TV to see if they can help put pressure on ford, this is not right.

  17. Christin James

    Bbb auto line… we are going through this now.

  18. Wilfredo Villanueva

    Christin thank.
    I will contact BBB today if they are open, how do you do?
    Did you complain against the local ford shop of the Ford Motor Company in Dearborn?
    Thank you

  19. Christin James

    Found out today… there are 914 of these on back order… who knows where we are at on that list. But they have plenty to produce the new models- using the same part….

  20. Sam N.

    Have a 2021 F650 Commercial truck that has been maintained regularly and only has 50,000 miles! Just went down for the same fuel pump crap and am getting a feeling that Ford is trying to wiggle their way out of covering it and reviewing our maintenance records which are solid…Waiting to see what they say before I go higher up the chain.

    1. Wilfredo Villanueva

      I am sure your will be fix cause is new
      My 2013 still seating on the drive waiting to be fix, dealer want 17k to repair
      I purchase the entire system for $4500, Haven’t put in yet, waiting for SPE mod to at the same time so i never have to through this again.
      Good luck with your truck!

  21. Mike Mathews

    2019 F350 6.7
    Just came from dealer. They say water contamination. Will not warrenty it. Problem is here in wyoming we fill our tanks with truck stop diesel. I fill my 50 gallon auxiliary tank. It has 2 clear bowl water filters and 2 10 micron debri filters. Then i fill my tank with this fuel. 4 times Filtered. Dealer said just a teaspoon of water can kill a pump. Really? These are suppose to be work trucks not weiner trucks. 11,188.00 to fix.
    Ford says no warrenty.
    Insurance says well look into it. Oil field workers need reliable transportation. Here the winters could mean life or death if you break down. Broke down in my driveway. Im not happy wifes pissed. Only one here is happy was the tow guys and Ford itself. They got my money.

  22. Michael Fornetti

    Next time buy the 7.3L gas with 4:30 gears.
    Only 3 MPG less than diesel, simpler too.
    My 2021 F350 is rated to pull 20,200 conventional trailer WT

  23. K.Lloyd

    2019 Ford F-350 with about 33000 miles on it. And of course the dealer is trying to give us the same “bad fuel” excuse everyone else is getting. The funny thing being is we run the exact same diesel in both of our semi’s and don’t have any problems. And one minute the dealer says it is under warranty, the next minute it isn’t. We have been on the phone directly with Ford and the rep we spoke with said they are aware of the problem but they are having problems getting the components to fix it. We have been without a pickup for 6 weeks tomorrow and we need a pickup! We’ve been lifelong Ford people, but no more! If we ever get this one back, it is gone! Done with their lies.

  24. Dawn Vititoe

    I have a 2019 Ford F350 and a 2016 F450. I have had the fuel system on the Ford F450 replaced twice. Last year I spent 44k on tires, upkeep , oil and filter changes etc. I run these trucks for HOTSHOT. Now the Ford F350 has a compromised fuel system due to to the CP4. Over 10k to replace and neither Insurance (which I pay 30k a year) or Ford will help. I feel like giving up!
    Im not sure what to do at this point:(

  25. Michael Fornetti

    Under current emissions regulations I would not buy any new diesel.
    Ram, Chevy all have similar expensive issues

  26. Christin James

    We were long time Ford drivers- until Ford did us like this… after 9 months of fighting through arbitration, parts being backlogged to the point of no known date of when they’d come in- we finally got out of the Ford by replacement- however immediately traded it in on an order GMC AT4 3500 diesel… by a manufacturer who rather than blaming the customer on bad fuel- recognizes the issue- no longer uses the faulty part, unlike Ford who continues to use it… and GM has stated they cover the repairs of those with the Bosch CP4 as they should. Our manual in our new GMC recommends Top Tier diesel and if not available an ACDelco additive… I think there are ways to prevent it but the problem is Ford won’t take responsibility and doesn’t notify their customers beforehand. I forever will never purchase Ford.. nobody is perfect but taking responsibility, fixing and informing customers is true class. I feel bad for anyone going through this- I recommend Going through BBB AutoLine and hoping for a resolution.. and get out of the Ford when you can.

  27. Scott

    My 2020 6.7L with 37000 just lost a High pressure fuel pump CP4. Just got it back from dealer after 4 weeks they replaced again with another CP4 since I was told Ford has not made any changes to this part number. I am worried this will leave me stranded again but I do plan on running a additive from here on out.
    I was lucky enough that is was all covered under warranty.

    1. Michael Fornetti

      I’ve got the 7,3L gas on a F350 DRW with 4:30 ratio and got 8.3 mpg pulling 3,000 miles at speeds of 60 to 75mph and a 9,000# enclosed trailer.
      My dealer tells me that the diesel would only be about 3 mpg better.
      My truck is rated to pull 20,200 conventional trailer.
      All reason I would never pay the extra $11K for a diesel.

  28. Robert

    Hey guys , I have the same problem . I have a 2017 diesel has 86000 on it . Just had to have the transmission replaced thankfully that was covered . So I’m already ticked . Now I was driving and the reduce engine power light came on I slowed down then it shut completely off , I coasted down the hill turn power completely off . Restarted it seemed fine no light for on dash for about 3days . it happed again this time no start . Just cranks no start . I got it towed ,dealer said needs new fuel pump I said ok I knew it’s under warranty . Now a week later no fix got a call today . It’s has metal in the system and in the tank , you must have but either gas def or picked up metal at a bad station . Neither is true , he says highly likely it won’t be converted . After read this site seems like the pump went bad and sent metal into the system . Could it also have sent metal into the tank as he claims . Just looking for some help on this situation. And what If any options to go back to then if they won’t fix it since it’s seems it’s their problem. Thanks

    1. Christin James

      If you qualify- look into BBB Auto Line. I speak from experience. It was a long road but worth it in the end. Or get onto one of the class action lawsuits… So irritating- I will never buy FORD again.

  29. Kevin Lloyd

    The exact same thing happened to us on a 2019 with only 33000 miles. Same excuse; you must have put bad diesel in it. Only 2 problems with that; 1.we own semis and run the same diesel in them with no problems and 2. the other three diesel pickups running with us (a Chevy, a GMC and a Dodge) are still fine. Our Ford has been in the shop since 2/17/21. Total crap!

    1. Christin James

      Contact BBB Auto Line. I speak from experience- worth the time.

  30. Michael Nassar

    I also having this problem, estimating 11,000.00 to repair, please keep me informed on this issue
    Michael Nassar

  31. JHuhs

    Seems like the party line is “Contaminated Fuel” and based on my experience the dealer tries to shift the focus on the insurance companies so the customer does not focus where the issue is, the type pump that is not designed to run with the fuel most of us use in our vehicles. I have USAA and they do not cover this – even though the service department stated that they cover the repair all the time. Not sure who to listen to – it’ a cash cow for the dealer charging the owner with a $8,000.00 to $16,000.00 repair bill on a problem that they must know by now is a design flaw/application with the CP4 Bosch HP pump. Why isn’t any of the consumer advocate groups going after Ford on this, no personal loss of life most likely. Would like to know more about BBB – I assume this is the Better Business Bureau, but I believe it is for warranty resolution – in my case I own a 2013 F-250 with 146,000 miles – no warranty. I’ve had numerous responses to face book where the owners have flushed the system and it seems to clear – if that works sounds like time to trade it in and go gas or RAM with a Cummings which does not seem to have this issue. Extremely disappointed with ford.

  32. JHuhs

    Update on my comments above- JHUHS. After finding out that the CP4 issue has been known by Ford and getting uncomfortable with the dealer’s insistence that the issue with my F250 was contaminated fuel I took my truck to an independent repair facility. A diagnostic was performed (for $110.00 not the $400.00 plus the dealer charged) the problem was found – the pressure regulator was stuck wide open – over-pressurizing the system and the fuel rail filter sensor had failed. No sign of contamination was found, the parts were replaced, the P0087 and P0088 codes cleared as well as the Engine Reduced Power indicator light, and the truck runs great. Including an oil change my repair came to $1380.17. As an added precaution I am having an after-market filter installed in the system so if the CP4 pump fails the metal shavings will be captured in the filter and not circulated through-out the entire fuel system which requires a fuel fuel system replacement – cost of the filter installed is around $600.00 (Parts and Labor) – a far cry from $10,000.00 to $15,000.00 the dealer wants to charge to replace the fuel system. I also am adding a Diesel fuel conditioner (recommended every 3rd fill-up) with Cetane Improver to provide lubrication of the CP4 pump as well as other components. I’m using a product made by BG called DFC + Plus diesel fuel conditioner with Cetane Improver Part Number 248
    Lesson learned
    Take your truck to a trustworthy diesel repair/service facility.
    If the dealer or repair facility tells you you have Fuel Contamination ask them if they found shavings in the system – tell them you want to see the screen on the pressure regulator – no metal shavings good chance your CP4 pump did not fail and you have a bad sensor or component.
    Don’t take a Dealer’s word especially when research shows they are parroting their line of BS to coverup a known issue – in this case it seems like they say you have contaminated fuel, probably from fuel purchased several fill-ups ago and you need to replace the entire fuel system.
    Don’t believe them that your insurance will cover this repair – they won’t. You’ll waste time and you’ll shift your anger to the insurance company and away from the real Villain – the dealership.
    Get a second opinion.

    Think about it, if you agree to have the fuel system replaced no matter what the issue is, replacing all of the components will more than likely fix it and the repair facility gets a big pay-off at your expense. in my case when I asked the mechanic how he found the problem he said the two error codes told him exactly where to start – at the pressure regulator. Guess who gave me the error codes – my service rep at the dealer.
    This is taking advantage of those who trust these dealers and its borders criminal behavior in my opinion.

  33. dohc106

    Honestly, this is the biggest complaint forum I have ever seen on this platform. Bosch maybe good in Europe, but I have experience as it relates to gasoline. I had a brand new 2005 Nissan sentra and that specific model year had heavy problems with fuel pump failures. I went through 6 pumps and finally went aftermarket with Denso. No more starting problems, but the oem was Bosch. I am beginning to understand why Toyota decided to go with hybridization rather diesel and Ford dropping the diesel option in the half ton. Few takers or rather more problems.

  34. Dean Hirsch

    I just took my 2016 F350 in to the shop. Just over 100k. Been told I have to replace the injectors. I’m from Alberta Canada. Is anything being done about this

  35. L. Gatewood

    My 2012 450 cp4 failed, 3 times, same story from dealer. I asked how did they determine water in fuel. The service rep said they pulled the pressure regulator and found the end had rust. I asked him to go out to their lot and pull the reg out of any truck with cp4 that has a few miles and see if if it was rusty!!! No can do!!’ All diesel fuel has some water that will cause the pressure regulator nozzle to rust!! Class actions should force this test. IMHO it “ain’t “ the water, it’s the pump, period.

  36. Jeff

    2016 F350 just under 70K miles and 10 months out of warranty. Been running Motorcraft Cetane Booster every tank for about 4 years now. Truck went into reduced power mode and said low fuel pressure. Towed to dealer who said it’s the low pressure fuel pump. $1700 later I get the truck home, next day same issues. Towed back to dealer. After a couple days I’m told “it still had some air in the lines”….. get it back home and 4 days later same issue. Towed back to dealer. After a week I’m told it took 5-6 hours of tear down to find metal shavings in some check valves. Need to replace fuel system at $12K. Service guy says only reason for fuel pump to fail (less than 70K miles) is contaminated fuel. Tells me if the fuel is contaminated I can file an insurance claim and it’ll be covered minus deductible. He has fuel tested and it’s not contaminated…..
    Called Ford customer service, complained to them. Eventually they came back and said they’d cover 65% of the cost. Couldn’t tell me how they got to 65% though, just said “that’s what Ford said they would do”. Fortunately service guy took off my $1700 already paid.
    No one has acknowledged what caused the issue. Had I not done my research and found out about the CP4 issues, I’d still be in the dark.
    After reading some of the other comments I guess I should be happy it only cost me $4100.

  37. Sherry

    We had a load on ours going to Washington state. He is broke down in Tennessee. Had to order the pump and all for 6000 dollars. Pump disintegrated then someone busted the glass and stole everything out of his truck on the side of the road. His mechanic came out so he could get the load delivered to pay for it all. Ridiculous. Insurance won’t cover it and a 2020.

  38. Holly

    Well as all others have stated, my 2017 F350 super duty Lariat crew cab 6.7L diesel stopped running. Code P0087. Was towed to shop told new fuel pump. $3,200. When they began work they called me back and said shards of metal in pump….sent OBVIOUS pictures. I have the CP4 pump. They said it was more work than they can handle . Now my truck is sitting their needing a whole new fuel replacement system and someone who knows what they are doing. I have 147,000 miles. Diesel engines should be good for 200,000 to 300,000 miles. I have no warentee and Ford knows about this issue. I’m going to look for a lawsuit to join. I have had Ford super duties for over 35 years, now I question Ford.

    1. Mfornetti

      Sorry to hear about your trouble.
      Ford, overall, on all vehicles has an average of $1,000 in warrantee costs according to the Wall Street Journal.
      Me….I got the F350 7.3 gas 4:30 axle ration, rated to pull 20,200#
      I do not know why anybody would buy a diesel when you can get this kind or performance out of a gas motor and only suffer 3mpg less when pulling.

  39. Mike

    2 years ago. Truck just shutdown. Towed to dealer. They immediately screamed water in fuel. Fuel water lite did not come on. Had a fuel tank in bed used for work filling equipment in oil field. Red diesel with special additives
    They blamed it on the tank having water. Told them i dont use that for my truck. It has other additives not good for regular use for vehicles. That’s the company’s fuel not mine. Still they blamed it on the fuel. Says in their troubleshooting if it has an auxiliary tank. Not covered under warranty. Fought them they didn’t care. 8000 dollars later. Then I find out ford has an on going issue. GM Ram And any other company that has the C4 has the same issue. C4 pump garbage. Just recently change it to the more reliable C3. Can’t afford to have my work truck down at all.

    1. Michael Fornetti

      A Ram Cummins experienced diesel tech told me that Ram has specified what he referred to as the CP3.2 as the replacement for the CP4.0 so when they have a CP4.0 fail the put in the CP3.2 which is now the recommended replacement for the Cummins turbo diesel straight 6.
      Just passing on what I had heard.

  40. Mary

    I want to join the group we have an F250 with 58000 miles 2018 with the same issue. The dealer has told us $15000 to make the repairs. What is wrong with FORD. They must be making a fortune off of all of us who thought there trucks were nice.

    1. Christin

      Lol up BBB AutoLine and Submit a claim. That’s how we were able to get our issue resolved.

  41. RJ weiman

    you all probably know this by now< S&S diesel sports has an upgrade fuel pump & kit for the 6.7 power stroke $1,990.00. farm show you tube video gives a good presentation of how CP3 AND CP4 work and how thy fail the new fuel and lack of lubricity is the culprit. Ford corp. knows this and is trying to dodge the bullet

  42. Willie S

    Purchased 2020 F450 Platinum Superduty Powerstoke with 33,600 miles, also purchased extended warranty 7 yr 120,000 miles. Paid my sales tax of $6,107.10 on April 19, 2023. May 4, 2023 made my first payment of $1,568.00. We went to Branson, MO May 5. 2023 puling our 5th Wheel and then the unthinkable happened on May 6, 2023, my truck broke down at the Outlet Mall, we were told that the truck will need an entire new fuel system per Ford Dealership in Branson, MO. Now, my truck sit in the repair bay at Ford in Branson and I’m home in Arkansas. Ain’t this a blimp!!. Thank goodness we rented a car to go home and pick up my other truck with the hitch to bring my light weight 5th Wheel home. If I had known this I wouldn’t have never ever bought this truck.


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