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Is The 2021 Lincoln Nautilus Getting A Revised Front Fascia?

In 2019, the Lincoln MKX became the Lincoln Nautilus, in the process receiving a refresh, adopting the brand’s rather attractive new design language initiated by the Continental and Navigator. The biggest change was a new, large rectangular grille that replaced the old split-wing design, sporting a large Lincoln star emblem dead center. But even though that look is still fairly new, we might be looking at yet another front end update for the 2021 Lincoln Nautilus.

2020 Lincoln Nautilus

2020 Lincoln Nautilus

Ford Authority recently received the photo from a tipster, who says that the 2021 Lincoln Nautilus will receive this updated lower fascia treatment in China. For the record, Lincoln has not officially said that it would be making any changes to the Nautilus for the coming model year. But if this tip proves true, this revised front fascia could very well land on the U.S. version of the 2021 Lincoln Nautilus, too.

Revised front fascia for a potential 2021 Lincoln Nautilus

Potential revised front fascia for the 2021 Lincoln Nautilus

Much of the upper front fascia remains intact, but the lower part is completely new in this photo. It essentially eliminates the twin openings that exist on each end of the lower intake, closing them off in favor of a pair of sleek, low-profile fog/accent lights. There’s still an opening in the center, behind the front license plate holder of this particular example, and it retains the shape of the 2019-2020 Nautilus. Finishing off the look is a thin trim piece that runs the entire length of the bottom of the front fascia.

2020 Lincoln Nautilus

It’s a nice look, indeed, but we’re not sure if we prefer it over the existing model. And it seems a little unusual for Lincoln to change up the 2021 Lincoln Navigator just two model years in. But on the other hand, the mid-size luxury crossover segment is red hot these days, and perhaps Linc is just trying to keep its products as fresh as possible.

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  1. nauticalone

    The change is needed of the interior! Update the interior and improve reliability and again make Lincoln available through Ford Dealers (in smaller markets). The interior in the Nautilus is very old and less attractive then even the lesser Corsair?!

    1. DWH

      Regarding your service statement. Lincoln reliability although still needing improvement is rated at average to slightly above average. Also considering Lincoln has basically changed it’s business model over the past couple years. I’m very optimistic that they will continue to improve in every area from vehicles to customer service. Regarding having your Lincoln serviced at a Ford dealership instead of the dealership where you purchased the vehicle. Ford dealerships can repair your Lincoln vehicle in or out of warranty. This also works in reverse having my Ford Edge Sport repaired under factory warranty at a Lincoln dealership which included a vehicle loaner

    2. Alex Luft

      Regarding Ford dealers: why should a Lincoln buyer be able to do service work at a Ford dealer? Does a Porsche customer go to a VW dealer to get service? Does an Audi customer go to a Porsche dealer to do the same? What value would that deliver?

  2. JTL2017

    They need to focus on the next-gen nautilus. The current interior is so unappealing.

  3. Karl H.

    I do like the updated look better if this turns out to be true, however a total redesign is in order for both the Nautilus and the Ford Edge. Their current designs needs updating now! Nice vehicles but the competition are moving targets.

  4. Frank

    They should scrap the Lincoln MKX/ Nautilus all together. I’ve owned two brand new 2018 Lincoln MKX’s and they both have been nothing but one problem after another. What a poorly made luxury vehicle for the money. I will never purchase,lease or recommend any Lincoln product to anyone. And Lincoln boasts how quiet the interior is in this suv. What a joke!

  5. Sam

    With any update of the Lincoln Nautilus, PLEASE DO NOT DELETE THE CD PLAYER. Millions of people still have CD collections. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a newer vehicle with a CD player, so keeping a CD player in the Nautilus makes it an ever-increasingly attractive alternative. Thank you.

  6. PY

    The interior needs a major update. The Corsair outshines it. Have leased 2 MKX and am thinking seriously looking at Corsair.

  7. Candice Bueno

    Are you going to make a manual transmission for the new car?


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