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Lincoln MKZ Production To End In July: Exclusive

Having discontinued the Ford FiestaFord Focus, and Ford Taurus, Ford Motor Company continues to wind down its production of passenger cars in the U.S. Next on the chopping block are the Ford Fusion and its luxurious platform mate, the Lincoln MKZ.

We’ve known for years that the Lincoln MKZ was headed for the great model graveyard. And now, Ford Authority has learned the exact details and dates surrounding the end of Lincoln MKZ production in North America.

A rear three quarters view of the 2017 Lincoln MKZ

2017 Lincoln MKZ

The last Lincoln MKZ will roll off the line at the Ford Hermosillo plant in Sonora, Mexico on July 31st, 2020, which is coincidentally the same day production of the Ford Fusion will end at the plant. This date applies to all trims and variants of the MKZ, including the MKZ Hybrid as well as the Black Label.

The Ford Bronco Sport will take over the lines at the facility. It’s also highly likely that the upcoming Ford Maverick compact pickup will be built there as well.

2017 Lincoln MKZ interior

Lincoln MKZ interior

This is all very unfortunate, of course, as the current-generation Lincoln MKZ is a sharp-looking, comfortable, and rather nicely-equipped luxury sedan. It is, however, worth noting that the MKZ has traditionally trailed its direct rivals in terms of sales, including the Lexus ES and Buick LaCrosse for some time.

Be that as it may, the 2020 Lincoln MKZ received a few welcome updates for its final year, including four new colors, two new wheels designs, a new grille design for certain variants, and several new packages.

2019 Lincoln Continental

2019 Lincoln Continental

With the looming MKZ discontinuation, the luxury brand’s sole remaining sedan will be the Lincoln Continental, which – as Ford Authority was first to exclusively report – will be discontinued at the end of the current generation.

From then on out, Ford’s luxury arm will only offer crossovers – Corsair, Nautilus, Aviator – and one SUV – the Navigator – in its lineup. Collectively, the four luxury utilities are enjoying solid commercial performance, but there’s something disconcerting about the idea of walking into a Lincoln showroom and not be able to purchase a new sedan in the relatively near-term future.

Update: FoMoCo’s original plans involved ending production on July 30th, 2020. However, production ended on July 31st, 2020.

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    No surprise here, hire a furniture guy who does not understand the auto business to run an auto company and this is what you get, probably one of the worst CEOs in the history of the auto industry, looking forward to this poorly managed company’s stock to drop to $3.00/share by 12/1/2020.

  2. Roy Chiles

    Epic Fell on Jim Hackett watch I wished he Never got the job, he handled Lincoln the way Trump handled #19. I have never walked N2 a Lincoln dealership and not see a Luxury Car on the floor, sad part is many of the members of my family got a chance to buy one “I Didn’t “. Front wheel drive Continental No Mark or Town Car I will never buy a Lincoln

    1. Trump is right

      Imagine if O’Clowna was still president of the US during #19. We would all be dead!

      1. Joe Yoman

        Except him because he would be busy playing B-ball!

  3. John Bell

    Is it just me or have Hackett and Barra given up on cars? Not all of us want tall hauling boxes. Looks like I may have to drive Japanese or Korean forever.


      I will do the same thing, hopefully FCAU will keep the Dodge Charger in production.

  4. David Pickford

    Why can’t Ford mimic the likes of Toyota who tend to look at total vehicle sales whilst Ford looks at model sales. Toyota look at a hole in the market, or invent one, and fill it, Ford look at holes and wait to see if someone fills it and how well their product sells then a few years later move in. Perfect examples are the Ranger and the Lincoln. Around the world but especially in Australia buyers are screaming out for a halo model, yes in Australia and other markets we got the Raptor but unfortunately without a motor worthy of the name. It was looking like we’d get a V8 and here’s hoping in the next model we do get that or a HiPo V6 in both gasoline and diesel because there’s a huge market for V8 “utes” in Oz. As for the Lincoln, it’s styling is perfect for in Australia and whilst small there is still a demand for this size and style of vehicle and especially so if they built a HiPo version to take on the likes of Mercedes and Audi. But unfortunately they still appear to have the outlook of old Henry, you can buy a Ford but it’s what we want to give you not what you want.

  5. Mark Bedel

    Folks, this is what happens when one’s priorities become grossly imbalance in favor of earnings. I agree with Toyota line management suggestion made above. I have always had similar thoughts. I think it’ll be more than disconcerting to walk into a Lincoln dealer and essentially just see trucks. Who knows, maybe this is managements goal…to ultimately change the company’s name from Ford to Ford Trucks!

  6. Mark L Bedel

    I have to agree with David and the others above. The management of FORD seems clearly focused on profits at all costs , when something resembling the Toyota model would make so much more sense. A similar analogy would be akin to how your investments are managed. Throw too much in one area and risk suffering the consequences later, versus having a balanced portfolio. I think walking into a Lincoln dealership with only SUV’s available for be very disconcerting, and for me personally, a real turn-off. I think it would begin to remind me of walking into a Ford Truck Store. Maybe that’s their end goal, change the company name from Ford Motor Company to Ford Truck Company?

  7. Gary Stein

    The Escalade turned around Cadillac’s fortunes. Isn’t it possible this could work in reverse at Ford, for passenger cars, by reintroducing the full frame, Town Car, and perhaps African Americans set a trend again? White and Jewish, and I have two Town Cars. I love them to death. Nothing quite like them.

  8. Larry j Bowen

    Big mistake. MKZ. Is a fine car I love mine I hope that you reconsider your decision. I hate to have to think that I will have to go to GM. For a new car.

  9. Michael LaBeau

    The lease on my ’16 MKZ Hybrid was up a year ago December. It was a beautiful car and I just loved it. I really wanted to get the latest model of the exact car I turned in (like pictured above) and couldn’t find one that wasn’t beige. Ended up in a ’19 MKC which is a great vehicle, but I sure miss that sedan and the 42 mpg. Should have bought out the lease.

  10. Pamela J Hirschhorn

    If Lexus, Infinity, Mercedes, BMW, KIA, et all can make money in the segment, why can’t Lincoln?? The Continental is a very fine car, but the ad campaign sold me on fishing and cruising into the city. Who even knows they still sell cars? Do something special, like the Coach Edition, which sold out. In today’s market, if your new model does not set a benchmark in performance and styling, and, you make sure people know it, you might as well leave the segment to your competition.

  11. Joe Yoman

    As stupid is stupid does! Barra and Hackett have truly lost their minds turning Buick and Lincoln into SUV only brands. I sure hope it bites them in the arse!

  12. Ronald Corey

    The reason most people TRULY stopped buying sedans was because the anemic trunk space and near-useless trunk-lid designs that made even decent cargo volumes inaccessible to many items that used to easily fit into sedan trunks of the past.


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