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New Ford Mustang Police Interceptor On The Way For Aussie Law Enforcement

Many of us were around in the glory days of the original Ford Mustang Police Interceptor – the Fox Body Special Service Package (SSP). Feared by criminals and admired by many a youth, these beefed up Mustangs quickly developed a reputation for their ability to run down fugitives from justice. These days, a handful of departments have a Ford Mustang in their fleet, though not a lot. But it looks like it’s going to grow by at least one, as Australian police are reportedly working on a top secret new project, according to Motoring.

Saleen Mustang reports for duty at Riverside Police

The NSW Police Highway Patrol last had a Ford Mustang Police Interceptor in its fleet back in 2016, so the unit is no stranger to the S550 platform. That particular model, however, suffered from transmission overheating problems in the sauna-like conditions Down Under. To combat this, Motoring reports that the 2020 Ford Mustang Interceptor, under development at Herrod Performance, will be fitted with a modified radiator and extra cooling for the transmission and differential. Herrod, of course, are the designers and builders of the wicked Mustang R-Spec.

At least one of the cars under development will apparently be a two-seater, a configuration chosen for practical purposes, rather than to make the Mustang some sort of fancy sports car. As it turns out, removing the back seat makes room for Ford’s police pack. These new models will join the 1,000+ police vehicles already on duty in Australia, which are comprised of everything from the Kia Stinger to the Chrysler 300 SRT. No pictures of NSW’s upcoming police interceptors are available at this time.

A police-duty Ford Mustang GT in San Miguel, Mexico

None of those cars, however, pack V8 power. In fact, the 2020 Ford Mustang Police Interceptor will be the first pursuit-rated V8-powered Aussie patrol car since the Ford Falcon XR8. So it seems only appropriate that another Blue Oval will grab that prestigious baton and run with it. Instead of sticking with manual transmissions this time around, however, all of the new interceptors will come equipped with Ford’s excellent new 10-speed automatic.

2017 Ford Mustang GT police car for Germany

As of right now, both Ford and Herrod Performance are remaining tight-lipped on this project, and it’s unknown when Aussie police forces will get their chance to test one out. But it looks like it won’t be long before an entirely new generation of youth will get to put a new Ford Mustang Police Interceptor poster on their bedroom walls, or see one in their rearview mirrors.

2017 Ford Mustang GT police car for Germany

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  1. Simon Richards

    Yes, Australian police did use the Ford Falcon FG XR8 for pursuit duties, however the Falcon XR6 Turbo was the one more commonly used for highway patrol vehicles in Australia

    Police also used the Holden Commodore VF SS V8 for pursuit duties. It was more common than the Ford too. In fact, while progressively being phased out, the VF SS is still in active police service whereas I’m not sure the FG is still used.

  2. David

    “These new models will join the 1,000+ police vehicles already on duty in Australia”? Victoria (one state) has more than 2,000 police vehicles, other states about the same or more..

    As for ‘ sauna-like conditions Down Under’, southern states rarely experience a high heat and humidity combo.

  3. Jason Garrett

    They look good.


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