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Pedders Releases Bolt-On S550 Ford Mustang Suspension Kit

S550 Ford Mustang owners looking to enhance the performance of their pony might be interested in knowing that Pedders has recently release a new, comprehensive suspension kit dubbed the SportsRyder “EziFit.”

This Ford Mustang suspension kit features bushings and lubricant, a 35mm front sway bar and a 25mm rear sway bar. Pedders carefully selected the diameters of the sway bars, and tailored the construction type to the Ford Mustang S550 chassis in order to achieve balanced handling traits.

Pedders Suspension Kit For S550 Ford Mustang 01

According to Pedders, its SportsRyder EziFit Ford Mustang suspension kit offers the following benefits:

  • Direct OE (Original Equipement) Fit
  • Fully assembled, performance matched shocks and springs
  • Adjustable front and rear sway bars
  • Durable powder coated finish in bold Pedders Red
  • Ability to fine-tune front and rear understeer/oversteer
  • Reduced body roll by resisting lateral weight transfer
  • Improve transient vehicle response, turn in and vehicle stability

Pedders assures prospective buyers of the kit that they’ll receive quality components with industry-leading fit and finish, and that the powder coating ensures a long corrosion free service life.

The kit retails for $1,195.95 and is back-ordered as of this writing.

The Ford Authority Take

This kit seems to be a relatively “simple” way to improve the S550 Ford Mustang suspension, and – by association – the muscle car’s driving dynamics. While a nice set of tires and brake pads can go a long way to better handling, the reduced body roll and transient response offered by the Pedders SportsRyder EziFit Kit would also deliver a noteworthy improvement.

In fact, this might be a great solution for enthusiasts who might not want to shell out one of the last Mustang Shelby GT350 models or the all-new Mustang Shelby GT500. A used S550 Mustang in the $15,000 range could make for a great, affordable seat time stallion, especially when fitted with the aforementioned suspension kit, as well as some beefier brakes and tires.

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  1. Mark L Bedel

    This looks like a nice start. I’ve found that a set of camber plates, (Vorshlag), their custom offset ForgeStar wheelset, (19″ x 11″ square), with Bridgestone RE 71 R 305-30-19’s, Steeda Sport Progressive Rate Springs, Steeda Front Roll Center & Bumpsteer Correction Kit, (for cars lowered 0.5 or more), Steeda “Stop-the Hop” starter kit to keep the rear under control during hard accelerations both linear and lateral, and finally the Steeda Differential Bushing Insert System to control differential nose dive, has made my GT with P/P handle like a go kart while still maintaining decent ride quality. Truth be told…it may actually handle better than a similar vintage GT 350 (2017). The transformation was amazing! Total about $5,000.00 for parts + labor.


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